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The 50 Best Taglines Ever Written

Friday May 30, 2014


Writing a tagline is not easy. No one every really thinks they've hit the nail on the head until the public starts accepting it. Some are great, others are timeless. Here are the 50 best taglines ever written. Do you agree? What's missing from the list?

Know How The Golden Arches Came about?

Friday May 30, 2014


You see this symbol almost every day, especially if you live in the city. There are over 35,000 McDonald's restaurants around the world, which means billions of little golden arches on packaging, windows, doors, signage and cups. But where did those golden arches come from? Take a look.

Great Ad! Who Did It? What Was It For?

Wednesday May 28, 2014


This has been happening more and more, and it's getting annoying. In the constant struggle to rise above the clutter, agencies are making memorable ads that have one tiny problem...almost no one can remember who the ad is for. That's not a good use of any client's money. Read more here.

A "Small" Book You Need To Read

Wednesday May 21, 2014


The book is called "Think Small: The Story Of The World's Greatest Ad" by Dominik Imseng. It's 160 pages long, and they're short pages. It is the story of Bill Bernbach, DDB and the VW campaign. If you need any more reason to go and buy a copy from here, I can't help you. But...you could always read the review.

Chipotle 1, New Yorker 0

Monday May 19, 2014


I like Chipotle's new cups, featuring original work from Gladwell, Apatow, Bill Hader, Sarah Silverman and more. I think it's a bold move, and it will please its customers. The New Yorker, though, has decided to bring the whole idea down. The scorn and vitriol just oozes off the page. And that made me wonder...why? You'll find out.

Beat by Dre Proves People Buy Marketing

Thursday May 15, 2014


It's undeniable. Read the reviews of the Beats by Dre headphones. A recent study had them coming in at the bottom of a long list of professional headphones. And yet, they cost the same, if not more, than much better technology. Why? One word...marketing. Read all about it.

Swear, D@#m You, Swear!

Wednesday May 7, 2014


Go ahead. Use a few cuss words in your ads. There's nothing to stop you, if it's tonally right for your brand and if you know just what you're doing. Here are five way you can make people think you have a dirty mouth, without ever really saying anything offensive.

We're Talkin' #Hashtags Man!

Tuesday May 6, 2014


Hashtags are the cornerstone of any social media campaign these days. In fact, it's become so widespread that people are starting to use hashtags in regular conversations (hashtag nailed it, hashtag more beer). Which ones are suitable for brands though? Here are five to start with.

Many Questions. The Answer Is Not 42.

Wednesday April 30, 2014


So you have questions about advertising. Lots of questions. When the mail box starts to show a pattern, we answer those questions. And here are the answers to the latest five questions that have been running around in your collective brains. You're welcome.

I QUIT! How To Leave Your Job.

Tuesday April 29, 2014


Well, not like that. Shouting I Quit at the top of your voice will only burn bridges. You need to do the quitting correctly, and that means following five basic rules. Follow them.

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