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Steve Jobs Resigns...And?

By August 25, 2011

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Steve Jobs
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If recent news is to be believed, the stock market took a massive hit when Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple.The last figure I heard was $52 billion! Yes, all that money, gone. Wiped out. And all because one man is stepping down.

But should investors really be so panicked? Look at the evidence.

Jonathan Ive will still lead the way with product design and development, and he's skilled to say the least. A British native, he's been working closely with Jobs since the late nineties. Hmm, that rings a bell. Ah yes, the iPod was launched in 2001, designed and created by none other than Ive. And let's face it, before the iPod came along, Apple was a niche computer platform used mainly be designers and artists. Since then, Apple's music products have helped them take over the electronic world, but although their laptops and computers are growing in popularity, they're still too pricey and niche for the mainstream audience. It's the iPhone, and now iPad, that people want from Apple. And those all came from an Apple under the direction of Ive.

The new CEO, Tim Cook, didn't come out of nowhere either. He's effectively been running Apple for quite a while, having been with the company for 13 years. And he's considered to be one of the brightest minds in his field.

So, why the fuss? Really, Jobs has always been a master of marketing. He's smart to be sure, but he's all about the presentation. He will be missed, most definitely. He's an icon, a figurehead, a legend in his own right. But his illness has taken a lot out of him in recent years, and Apple has been running on the steam of other people. People who are now in charge.

Don't worry. The iPhone 5 launches in October, followed by iPad 3, and then a breakthrough will come like the iPhone. One that will make Apple's stock soar, again. This is merely a tiny drop in a very steep climb for Apple.

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