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How To Plan Your Print Newsletter


Your advertising message is powerless without a strong planning process. Know how your newsletter will look, what aspects you'll include and how you'll see your plan through before you begin your circulation.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 2-4 Hours Each Print Cycle

Here's How:

  1. Graphics - Photos and artwork all the way down to charts and pull quotes can be used. Use magazine articles as a good example. Pay attention to how they pull a quote out of an article and bring it to life.

  2. Ditch the Blocks of Text - Readers will get blurred vision with large, blocks of text. That's also why graphics are a good way to visually break up your page. Shaded boxes with facts or sidebars are another great way to keep your customers reading.

  3. Photos - Image-editing software can help you in this area. This software can even help you improve the quality of a bad photo. Photos add a nice, personal touch to your newsletter that drives your company's message home without being too stuffy.

  4. Color Vs. Black and White - If you have to print your newsletter in black and white, then it's better than not having one at all. If your budget can't take a full color newsletter, consider one or two color. You can always tint 100-percent blue to make a lighter blue. That still counts as one color and reduces the printing cost.

  5. Printer - Most home-type printers use 300 to 600 dots per inch range but a top-quality newsletter needs more than that. There are some very high-quality, inexpensive printers on the market right now. 1200x1200 and higher can do a great job and usually start around $100.

  6. High Resolution Negatives - An alternate publishing method is to print your newsletter directly to high resolution negatives. Take these negatives directly to your print shop instead of paper copies. If your print shop has to reproduce your newsletter from paper, you lose some of the quality.

  7. Digital - Want to skip your printer and negatives? Save your newsletter in a digital file format. Take the disk to your print shop. Be sure to give them a call and find out what file format their software supports. This also saves you from printing paper copies.

  8. Paper - Using recycled paper gives customers the impression that you really do care about them and the environment. It may seem like a trivial point but it really does help improve your customer relations. Make the message "Printed on Recycled Paper" appears on each page.

What You Need

  • A Newsletter Team
  • Layout/Design Software
  • Publication Frequency
  • Printer Services

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