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How can my Email ad campaign be spam free?


Question: How can my Email ad campaign be spam free?
Answer: Just because you're sending bulk Email, doesn't automatically make you a spammer. There are two key points to always keep in mind when beginning a bulk Email ad campaign:

1. Where did you get your Email addresses?
Did you buy an Email address list from a reputable company that consumers opt-in to receive such mailings? Did you collect your Email addresses from newsletter subscribers and tell them up front they may receive special offers from time to time by signing up?

Know the answer to these questions before beginning your Email ad campaign. If you went to a message board covering your type of business and grabbed the first 1,000 Email addresses you see for your Email ad campaign, you're a spammer.

2. Send spam free Email by knowing what to look for within your own message.
People who have asked for your mailings may not be getting them because spam blocker software and Email filters are set so high that they sometimes catch mail you really do want to receive.

For someone about to embark on an Email ad campaign, you can reduce your chances of your message getting discarded by these automations by using these quick tips:

A) Avoid caps. JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE LOUD AND CLEAR IN ALL CAPS DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT TO YOUR RECIPIENT. Spam blocker software and Email filters are designed to look for capital letters and will immediately flush your Email.

B) Avoid excessive exclamation marks. Your message is powerful!!!!!! What could say that better than a few dozen exclamation points at the end of your sentences? This is another alarm signal for spam blocker software and Email filters. Exclamation points can't prove a point any better than simple text...especially when those exclamation points get your message trashed before it even reaches your intended audience.

C) Avoid repeating the same words and phrases over and over. In advertising, you're taught to use a subtle message while driving home points within your copy. You can do this without being repetitive. Many people Buy Diet Pills and when they run out they Buy Diet Pills and what could be better than if you Buy Diet Pills. this is another tip off to spam and spam blocker software and Email filters will catch it.

D) Send your message to yourself using spam blocker software. If your own spam blocker software catches the Email, chances are it's going to be caught by someone else's. Play around with your message until you receive it without your spam blocker software or Email filter catching it. When it arrives in your inbox without being caught, you're ready for your Email ad campaign to begin.

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