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"I have a great idea for an advertising campaign. Who do I send it to?"

It's one of the most common questions people have when it comes to advertising. However, it's not a simple one to answer.

Advertising is a machine built of many parts. Penetrating the field on a career path isn't impossible but submitting a one-shot idea practically is.

If you have little or no experience with advertising and want to pass along your great idea, chances are, you're not going to get very far. Big name companies use the services of advertising agencies or even have their own in-house service.

Deutsch, a successful ad agency, handles Burger King's advertising as of this writing. The agency handles most, if not all, of the fast food chain's advertising, depending on the contract. What this means is Deutsch is responsible for concepting, writing, producing - all aspects of the company's advertising.

Still holding on to your great idea? The agency's makeup includes account executives, copywriters, graphic designers, production crews, creative directors and more. As their name indicates, creative directors are primarily in charge of the creative process. They oversee the copywriters, graphic designers, production crews, etc., which all vary based on the individual project.

Gateway previously pulled their advertising bucks to form an in-house agency. The in-house advertising process basically works the same way. The company just didn't outsource the work to other agencies.

So who cares about the agency's formation? You still have an idea to send out.

Advertising professionals spend a lot of time carefully calculating each ad strategy before it hits the market. Plenty of ideas never come to fruition for any number of reasons.

The brainstorming sessions involved in an ad campaign are a very lengthy process. Ultimately, a majority of agencies develop several ideas before pitching them to the client.

Think of the years of experience that fill a conference room when the agency's creative team sit down. There's a target market to consider, cost and other factors to weigh when developing a new idea.

That's not to say you don't have a great idea. But there's a lot more to the overall process than submitting a spark to the complete bonfire.

It's the same as saying you have a great idea for a new type of car. While advertising may seem simple - from idea to finished product in a snap - the route an ad campaign actually takes is quite complicated.


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