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Attack of the Flavored Soft Drinks
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You love your Dr. Pepper. Can't live without your Pepsi. Or your day's not complete without a swig of Coca-Cola.

But are your taste buds ready for a curveball?

Your favorite soft drinks are becoming flavored soft drinks. And the ad market's getting saturated with new campaigns.

Pepsi Twist, the lemon-flavored Pepsi, is already a hot commodity with ads featuring everyone from Halle Berry to Austin Powers (Mike Myers).

Pepsi Blue has just been released at 100-percent distribution and is now available in 20-oz. and 1-liter bottles with other sizes hitting shelves in November and December of 2002. The new blue calls itself a "fusion of berry and cola that looks and tastes unlike anything else on the market." Pepsi Blue will actually be the sponsor for the 2002 Video Music Awards on MTV with the first commercial appearing during the live broadcast.

It was just last year when Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew introduced Code Red, which "starts with the Mountain Dew citrus taste and adds a smooth rush of cherry flavor." And Diet Code Red has just been made available.

Vanilla Coke is also new to the market with a new ad campaign too. The ads tell you to Reward Your Curiosity and feature Chaz Palminteri rewarding unsuspecting newbies to the drink. While there aren't any current plans to create Diet Pepsi Blue, Coca-Cola will release Diet Vanilla Coke in October 2002.

And just when you thought you waded safely through the pool of flavored soft drinks, it's Dr. Pepper's turn to throw its mixture into the mix. Red Fusion is the first new flavor added to the Dr. Pepper brand in the company's 117-years.

TV and radio ads for Red Fusion debuted this week and target the 12- to 14-year-old consumer. The company uses street slang in "urban-flavored spots" with the tagline "Who's Your Soda?"

From berries to cherries, you can expect to see a lot more flavored soft drink spots. But just remember, 7 Up Gold promised to shake things up in the soft drink world but it was only on the market for less than a year.

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