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Ten Ways to Blow Your Advertising Campaign - About.com
Knowing your target audience is crucial to any successful ad campaign. Always identify your potential customers before beginning any work on your ad ...
10 Ways to Run Your Own Advertising Campaign
Taking on your own advertising campaign is no easy task. You can do it on your own but get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your Marketing Plan
Pitching Your Own Ad Campaign Idea - Advertising - About.com
An agency is going to be deadset on creating their own ad campaigns and are usually pretty closed-minded to any ideas coming from outside of the agency. Ads.
Planning a Productive and Successful Promotional Campaign
Learn how to plan a productive and successful promotional campaign in just ... you will need to allocate resources among sales promotion, advertising, publicity,  ...
Creating Your Own Ad Campaign - Advertising - About.com
Creating your own ad campaign can be intimidating for the small business owner . Know what to look for in the creation process to make your ad campaign run ...
Fantasy vs. Reality in Mad Men Advertising Campaigns
Ever wonder if the ad campaigns on TV's Mad Men are real? Many Mad Men advertising campaigns use actual ads that ran back in the day. Some of the most  ...
Recent Advertising Flops and Why They Failed - About.com
From claims of racism in ads to failed consumer-generated commercials, advertising flops ... At the same time, Hummer launched a new ad campaign for the H3.
For Small Business - Advertising - About.com
Every moneymaking ad campaign started with a well-developed advertising strategy. To advertise your company effectively and get the most out of your ad ...
Advertising Materials - About.com
Every element of an ad campaign is different. Discover everything you need to know when producing advertising materials - from your role in your career with an ...
Marketing Plan - Successful Marketing Campaign
How to run a successful marketing campaign, boost sales and improve your business ... They place an ad here and an ad there, put up a website or a Facebook ...
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