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High Profile Lawsuits - The Ultimate Publicity - Advertising - About.com
You stole my mascot. You're using my name without permission. Your slogan is false advertising. Lawsuits are quite common these days. But in the advertising ...
Better Pizza? Bigger Lawsuit. - Advertising - About.com
In fact, the company's lawyers filed a federal false advertising lawsuit against Papa John's. This on-going battle actually began in 1998. But the U.S. Supreme ...
Food-Related Advertising News - About.com
Kraft, KFC, Taco Bell, Snapple and more. If it's edible, you'll find it right here in food-related advertising news.
Personal and Advertising Injury - Business Insurance - About.com
Personal and advertising injury is a defined term in most general liability policies, including the standard ISO policy. It determines the types of offenses that are ...
Risks of Online Advertising - Business Insurance - About.com
Most lawsuits that result from violations of such laws are not covered by your general liability policy. Such suits are excluded under Personal and Advertising ...
Recognizing Fake Cures for Herpes and HIV
Feb 3, 2014 ... In fact, if you carefully read the BioNaturaLab webpage advertising their ... truth in advertising lawsuits that someplace on their web pages, they ...
Artic Zero Class Law Suit - Calorie Count
The Artic Zero class action lawsuits are seeking to represent a proposed ... false advertising always leaves the door wide open for lawsuits, but ...
Dealing With False or Bad Reviews on Yelp - Women in Business
First, do not buy into Yelp's sales pitches to pay for advertising. ... So far, no one has done that successfully and at least two lawsuits against Yelp have been ...
Real Estate Agents Advice - Accurate Advertising
Email to a friend Print this page Advertising Basics for Real Estate Agents ... You can reduce the likelihood of lawsuits initiated by unhappy buyers after a sale by ...
Companies Sued for Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination lawsuits filed against high-profile companies such as Walmart, Abercrombie & Fitch and General Electric indicate that racism in the ...
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