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The 10 Most Powerful Words in Advertising - About.com
Advertising has changed a lot over the decades, but certain words are as ... We want food that has been inspected, and we want safe choices in clothing and ...
Food-Related Advertising News - About.com
Kraft, KFC, Taco Bell, Snapple and more. If it's edible, you'll find it right here in food-related advertising news.
Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why?
Food is one. Sex and reproduction is definitely another. This underlying, pre- programmed disposition to respond to sexual imagery is so strong, it has been used ...
Racial Stereotypes and Food Product Marketing - Race Relations
Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are just some of the African American faces that have been used to advertise food over the years.
Advertise a New Restaurant - Creating an Effective Plan
Advertising is essential for a new restaurant. Great food, service and atmosphere will keep customers coming back, but you need advertising to get them through ...
Guide to Advertising for a Restaurant - Restauranting - About.com
Complete guide to designing an advertising campaign for both new and exisitinig ... to Take to Open a New Restaurant · How to Price Food on Your Restaurant ...
Five Steps For Taking Your Product To Market - Advertising - About ...
Are you a professional speaker? Success coach? Entertainer? ... Take these steps and get your product on the market in record time. Create a Marketing Plan
History of Pet Food - Pet Shops - About.com
In the following decades, the pet food industry grew and evolved exponentially, largely aided by fiercely aggressive marketing and advertising. Indeed, the ...
Writing Headlines for Advertisements - Advertising - About.com
Before you being writing headlines for advertisements, take a quick test. Flip through a magazine, newspaper or even visit a website and read a few stories.
TV and Childhood Obesity - Media - About.com
Two, TV exposes them to advertising for sugary and fatty foods, which damages their diets. Pediatricians say children should watch less than two hours of TV a ...
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