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The 10 Most Powerful Words in Advertising - About.com
Advertising has changed a lot over the decades, but certain words are as ... We want food that has been inspected, and we want safe choices in clothing and ...
Food-Related Advertising News - About.com
Kraft, KFC, Taco Bell, Snapple and more. If it's edible, you'll find it right here in food-related advertising news.
Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why?
Food is one. Sex and reproduction is definitely another. This underlying, pre- programmed disposition to respond to sexual imagery is so strong, it has been used ...
Racial Stereotypes and Food Product Marketing - Race Relations
Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are just some of the African American faces that have been used to advertise food over the years.
Vintage Spam Advertisements of the 1940s
Vintage Spam Advertisements of the 1940s. ... food... SPAM Hormel Ads – Spam n Salad & Twin Spam Bake (1949) ... Hormel Food's Spam N Limas (1946).
Advertise a New Restaurant - Creating an Effective Plan
Advertising is essential for a new restaurant. Great food, service and atmosphere will keep customers coming back, but you need advertising to get them through ...
TV and Childhood Obesity - Media - About.com
Two, TV exposes them to advertising for sugary and fatty foods, which damages their diets. Pediatricians say children should watch less than two hours of TV a ...
History of Pet Food - Pet Shops - About.com
In the following decades, the pet food industry grew and evolved exponentially, largely aided by fiercely aggressive marketing and advertising. Indeed, the ...
Famous Short Ad Slogans That Stick - Small Business Information
These famous advertising slogans of all time have the common traits of being highly memorable and are tied to a strong benefit. Who can forget these classics?
Grocery Store Weekly Ads - Arizona - Coupons/Bargains - About.com
grocery store grocery stores albertsons ads walmart ads safeway ad save a lot ad ... kroger coupons, brookshires coupons, savealot coupons, food coupons, ...
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