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Pitching Your Own Ad Campaign Idea


You've come up with the King of Ideas. This one's never been done before and you're the only one that can see it through. Talk to the agency. Pitch to the company that produces the prodcut. Just what is it that you do?

Your best chance of making this happen is actually bypassing an agency. An agency is going to be deadset on creating their own ad campaigns and are usually pretty closed-minded to any ideas coming from outside of the agency.

With that said, though, many companies who have ad agencies on retainer are also going to be closed-minded about hearing ideas because they're relying on the agency. Their line of thinking is that they've paid thousands of dollars to the agency so they should be the ones developing the ideas.

It's tough to break into ad campaigns for bigger companies. It can be done.

The agency process and getting your ideas out there is a complicated business. But I Have a Great Idea breaks down the process.

The good news is that in the last couple of years some companies have become more receptive to consumer-generated advertising. There are even companies that have held contests for consumers to create and submit their ads.

For example, MasterCard wants people to submit their own commercials for the Priceless campaign. The best will be shown nationally.

Chevy used The Apprentice to launch a contest where people could go online and put together their own commercial for the Tahoe. Kodak has given consumers the chance to upload their own photos to create a commercial.

Granted, some of these are just for fun. Even if you won a contest, you wouldn't be packing for Madison Avenue.

One of the biggest success stories is François Vogel's. He created a homemade HP commercial holding white picture frames up to his face using the song "Picture Book" by The Kinks.

He pitched his commercial to ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. They liked his homemade spec version so much, they signed him on as director and star in the "You + HP" ad campaign. Vogel became so recognizable to consumers that he even reappeared in the campaign with a similar commercial set to "Out of the Picture" by The Robins.

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