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Awards for Advertising

Places to Get Recognized for Your Ad Work


Cresta International Advertising Awards
The Cresta Awards are a joint venture between Creative Standards International and the International Advertising Association. The first awards ceremony was held in 1993.

Ad agencies, advertisers, studios and production companies around the world can enter the competition. The awards focus on national and international ad campaigns.

Categories include outdoor, magazine, newspaper and direct marketing. The ceremony is presented online.

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards
Advertising Age and the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies join forces each year to honor Hispanic-targeted advertising. The Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards ceremony began in 1998.

Both Spanish- and English-language entries are allowed and they must be targeted to Hispanic consumers. To be eligible to enter, campaigns must have appeared or aired in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Awards are given in a variety of categories. They include online, print, radio, TV and direct marketing.

London International Awards
This awards ceremony covers advertising, design and digital media. The London International Awards have been held for more than 20 years.

Entries are open to all creative media no matter what the size or location of the shop that created the campaign. LIA also makes it clear that even if a category has entries but the judges are not pleased with the quality that no statue will be awarded within that category.

The LIA categories include integrated media, package design, digital media, print and radio, to name a few.

The Mobius Awards
This awards festival began in 1971 as The U.S. Television Commercials Festival. When radio, print and package design categories were added, the festival became known as The Mobius Awards.

Groups, companies and individuals are allowed to enter the competition. This also includes companies, non-profits, etc. that commissioned the work to be created.

The Mobius Awards cover TV, print, cinema, outdoor, online and other categories.
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