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Five Types of Brochures


When was the last time you bought something on a whim? We've all been the victim of the impulse buy but, for the most part, we're informed consumers.

Brochures usually come into play so you can make a smart buying decision. As someone selling a product or service, knowing what type of brochure you need to advertise your products and services is critical to turning your potential customers into paying customers.

This type of brochure is named for the brochures you leave behind after meeting a potential customer. Write this type of brochure with a complete description of your product and its benefits.

Summarize your sales pitch to echo the one you just gave. Keep your words forever in their brain - or at least long enough to get them to buy your product.

These are best described as the type you might encounter while standing in line at the bank. You notice a rack of brochures and it just so happens they're conveniently located right there for you to enjoy.

You didn't know you could get free checking if you bought a Certificate of Deposit. You take a brochure. You'll read about it later. Point-of-Sale.

Write a catchy headline and make sure you have a nice visual to work with the headline. Your goal is to get potential customers to see your brochure, be curious enough to pick it up and, even more important, keep it.

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