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Creating a Powerful Brochure


You know how to plan your brochure. You even know the five types of brochures. Now it's time to dive into the creation process.

Promises, Promises...Right on the Cover
How many times have you been at one of those display racks with tons of brochures about tourist attractions? What made you pick up certain brochures and leave others?

The cover.

You have to put a strong selling message on the cover. Promise your readers a benefit or reward for getting them to flip open your brochure. Hopefully they'll read it, but they'll at least look at the pictures. Either way, no selling message = no motivation to open the brochure.

Easy on the Eyes
The last thing you'd want to read is a newspaper with pages and pages of text. Not broken up. Just strictly text with no visuals and no breaks.

Pretty hard to read. Right?

Think of your brochure in the same terms. Short sections broken up with a headline and a subhead invite your potential customer to read on instead of scaring them away.

Even if they don't read your entire brochure, they get the gist by browsing through it. But make sure to write headlines and subheads that explain that particular copy block. Again, this is important for a number of reasons but especially if your reader is just glancing at your brochure.

Vivacious Visuals
They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So why not tell your brochure's story with visuals? But not just any old picture will do.

You need visuals that will show the reader how your product works. People pictures work best as long as these people are demonstrating how your product is used.

Even artwork such as drawings, maps and graphs are beneficial as long as they illustrate the product or its benefits.

You can use a wide variety of visuals such as photos of the product, people using the product and/or photos of your company's headquarters. You can also use a map to show where your company is located, tables listing the various products with their features and/or proof of performance graphs to present factual information about your product.

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