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Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Whether your book has just a spattering of spec, or it is made up of nothing but spec, you need to make sure you are challenging yourself. And to do that, you need to stay away from the following clients. These are about as challenging as a four piece jigsaw puzzle, and if you have them in your book you are showing a prospective employer three things:

Working Late
There are many professions that require regular hours with occasional marathon work sessions. Advertising, marketing and design falls into this category. So do positions in law and order, politics, the medical profession, and any other kind of emergency service. And yet while most of the people in those latter professions accept it as part of the job, many people in advertising look like they’ve been hit in the face with a shovel when they’re asked to work late, come in on weekends, or even get to work a few hours early.

So You Have a New Boss. Now What?
A new boss can enter your life in many ways, and all of them can be equally unsettling. Perhaps your boss, a creative director, is fired to make way for fresh blood. Maybe your agency merges with another, and a new account director or CD is put in charge. Maybe your boss quits, and gets replaced by someone very different.

Unemployment Benefits For The Advertising Industry
One of the biggest problems in advertising is unemployment. It happens quickly, it hits hard and it can even close down whole agencies if the economy is bad enough. Find out some of the FAQs about this tough subject right here.

Porn For Creatives
Taking a leaf out of the popular and funny “porn for women” and “porn for new moms” books (don’t worry, none of them are x-rated), we thought it would be appropriate to put together a collection of articles that we like to call “porn for creatives.” These are articles that tell creative people exactly what they want to hear, need to hear, and...

Giving Credit Where It’s Due
In most careers, advertising included, people like to receive credit for the hard work that they do. However, unlike acting performances, top doctors or genius accountants, it’s often difficult to nail down the source of the inspiration in an advertising agency. But it's vital, for all concerned, that ideas are credited to the right people.

Do We Need To Redefine The Copywriter Title?
The term "copywriter" seems to be one that puts these advertising professionals into a much smaller box than they deserve. True copywriters go way beyond words on a page.

Why Creatives Should Always Present Their Own Work
Why are creatives often left out of creative presentations? We outline the reasons for and against their presence in the meeting room.

A Profile of Steve Jobs - A Brief History of Steve Jobs and Apple
A pioneer, entrepreneur and one of the best clients the advertising industry ever had, Steve Jobs had a career (which ended way too soon) that anyone would envy.

What To Avoid When Assembling a Portfolio
There are several landmines to avoid when putting together your advertising portfolio. Here's what you need to know.

The Account Services Department of an Advertising Agency
A description of the key roles and function of an advertising agency's account services department.

Preparing an Advertising Portfolio of SPEC ADS
Preparing an advertising portfolio when all you have is SPEC ADS can be a challenge. But most of it is just nerves getting the best of you. This Q&A segment answers real questions budding copywriters have when they begin preparing an advertising portfolio.

10 Things To Do Before You Find a Job in Advertising
You may be fresh out college or maybe you're just looking for a career change. There are 10 things to do right now before you find a job in advertising.

Changing Your Portfolio to Get the Job
Never close the cover on your portfolio and call it done. Your portfolio should always be a work in progress, no matter how long you've worked in the industry. Change a few pages and be on the way to your next job.

Is a Career in Advertising Right for You?
If you're on the fence about a career in advertising, you need to know what to expect before you take the plunge. Evaluate this career's traits to find out if working in advertising is right for you.

Free E-Course: Starting Your Career in Advertising
You want to work in advertising but you have no idea where to begin. Whether you're studying advertising, wanting to become a freelancer or you're looking for ad agency work, this free e-course helps you launch your advertising career.

10 Tips to a Perfect Portfolio
Your portfolio is your calling card. Is yours ready to land you a copywriting job or a freelance gig? Follow these 10 tips to create a perfect portfolio no matter what your experience level.

Six Myths About a Career in Advertising
Time for a fact check. Get ready to shed some light on a career surrounded by many myths.

10 Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations
What's the difference between advertising and public relations? It's one of the most-asked questions people have about these two very different industries.

Advertising Vs. Public Relations
Looking to enter the world of public relations? Get ready to shatter some popular myths.

10 Ways to Get a Job at an Ad Agency
Don't just dream of working with the big boys at an ad agency. Do something about it. These ten tips can help you get your foot in the door.

10 Fundamentals to Look for in an Advertising Course
With so many advertising schools, online courses and correspondence lessons out there, how do you know which one is the right program for you? These fundamentals show you what to look for in an advertising course.

Get Into Advertising
So you want to be in advertising? Problem is, you don't even know where to start. Grab your pencils, you're about to take a crash course in advertising.

Speculation: It Can Get You a Job
Breaking into the advertising industry may seem impossible. But a little speculation can get you in the door and on your way.

How To Become a Creative Director
The ultimate pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the creative director role. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, time, and dedication to fill those shoes.

What You Need for a Career in Advertising
Here are five things you will need to acquire as you enter a career in advertising. Some of these will take years to get; others, you may get lucky.

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