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Orbit Gum Featuring Snoop Dogg


Orbit Gum Featuring Snoop Dogg

Orbit Gum Featuring Snoop Dogg

Image Copyright: Wm. WRIGLEY Jr.

The Company:

The Agency:

The Pitch:

Orbit Gum

Commercial Debut:

Week of June 20, 2006

Target Audience:

The younger demographic has always been attracted to Wrigley's Orbit brand with its commercials.

The Setup:

Rapper Snoop Dogg has a dirty mouth and what else can clean it up but Orbit gum?

The Commercial:

Snoop Dogg discusses what it's like to be a gangster at a school's career day when he's banished to hell for his dirty mouth. Orbit girl Vanessa saves him with Orbit gum and he's whisked off to heaven.


• Definitely captures your attention the first time and hits you with the unexpected appearance of the Orbit girl and her usual, "Dirty mouth? Clean it up," line.

• The ad campaign has a Web site called GoodCleanFeeling.com featuring behind the scenes clips of Snoop Dogg and other extras.

• Snoop Dogg is no stranger to commercials and he crossed an age gap when he teamed up with Lee Iacocca to shoot a Chrysler commercial.


• A feature on the Web site allows you to enter any phone number and have Snoop Dogg send a call about your dirty mouth. At the end of the call, you must follow instructions to get on Orbit's Do Not Call List.

• Many people have reported getting the calls from Snoop Dogg as pranks and aren't happy their phone number has been given out.

News and Notes:

• The Snoop Dogg ads are scheduled to end in September 2006.

• When Snoop Dogg is taken to heaven, a disclaimer pops up reading, "Dramatization: Orbit gum will not get you into Heaven."

• Orbit was introduced to the market in September 2001.

• Orbit is one of the top five selling gum brands in the U.S.

• Wrigley has always used "Vanessa," the blonde, pristine Orbit girl in the ad campaign.

• Snoop Dogg has also starred in ads for Burger King, Chrysler, Courvoisier, Electronic Arts, T-Mobile and XM Satellite Radio.

• Snoop Doggy Dogg, whose real name is Cordazer Calvin Broadus, became Snoop Dogg in 1996.

• Snoop Dogg's first novel is due out in Fall 2006. It will be titled, Love Don't Live Here No More and is scheduled for release on October 17.

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