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Five Materials Every Copywriter Should Know How to Write


If you're new to copywriting, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the advertising mediums you're learning to write. Whether you're searching for a job as an ad agency copywriter or a freelance copywriter, these five advertising basics give you an introduction to copywriting.

1. Print Ads
Spend some time learning about print advertising. When you understand what makes a print ad effective, you can move into learning about other print mediums like flyers, yellow pages ads and newsletters. Writing print ads is also an easy way to create samples for your portfolio.

2. Brochures
Don't just sit down and try to write a brochure. Learn the fundamentals such as how the brochure fits into the buying process, if the brochure will stand alone or be tied in with other ad mediums and what the selling points will be. Get to know the five types of brochures and you're on your way to creating a powerful brochure.

3. Direct Mail
Writing direct mail expands upon your new knowledge of writing brochures. Direct mail is not one specific package of materials. In other words, not every direct mail package is the same. Some may include a sales letter and response card. Others may include a sales letter and brochure. Getting familiar with direct mail helps expose you to a side of advertising that some agencies specialize in exclusively. This can be invaluable knowledge to have if you discover you enjoy writing direct mail.

4. Commercials
Television commercials help you learn how to write audio to match video. Creating a :30 TV commercial script is an excellent lesson in copywriting. Your script has to time out perfectly, you incorporate audio and video with your copy and you also learn about the use of fonts, graphics and other effects in the commercial. This is also a good time to learn about radio commercials while you're in commercial mode. You can easily use both TV and radio commercials as writing samples for your portfolio too.

5. Websites
Learning how to write copy for websites is a must for copywriters. Even companies that don't sell products online need a website so having and maintaining a website is something every company should be doing already. This is where you, as a copywriter, come in. You can also use website copy as a SPEC AD for your portfolio.

Don't stop now. These five aren't the only advertising mediums you should learn how to create. They're just a good primer to get you started.

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