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Creating Your Own Ad Campaign

Creating your own ad campaign can be intimidating for the small business owner. Know what to look for in the creation process to make your ad campaign run smoothly.

Self-Promotion for Advertising Agencies
Are you making plans to promote your own advertising agency? Have your previous self-promotion pieces been less that extraordinary? You may be encountering the classic problems associated with agency self-promotion.

Budget Does Not Dictate Quality.
Throughout your career, you will be faced with varying sizes of budgets. You may even be lucky enough to work on a spot that has a Super Bowl budget. Millions and millions of dollars (we’ll get to that in a moment). But usually, you’ll never have enough money. If you’re working on a print ad, you’ll want more money for the shoot than you’re given. You may not even get the money you need to do any shoot.

Always Consider The Media as Well as The Message
The idea of creative media placement is not exactly cutting edge any more. But, the majority of ads you will see, or create, still don’t take that into account. Sadly, media is often bought long before the creative team has had a chance to work on the project. You must, for the sake of your client and your own career, consider the media just as carefully as you consider a headline or a layout.

Get To Know, and Use, AIDA:
AIDA is one of the founding principles of most modern-day marketing and advertising. In fact, it's often said that if your marketing or advertising is missing just one of the four AIDA steps, it will fail. While that's not strictly true (a branding or awareness campaign does not necessarily need the Action step) you need to know about AIDA, and...

One Quick & Easy Way To Do Better Work
There is no shortcut to talent and creativity. While you can always get better, and learn more, you need to have the raw ability to become a success in advertising. But over the years, one thing has proven more of a driving force behind great creativity than anything else. And that one thing is the deadline.

How To Do Good Radio Advertising
Radio, when done correctly, is a fabulous advertising medium that can truly capture the imagination, build a brand and lead to a sale. Learn the seven tips for radio advertising success.

Quick and Easy Incentives to Attract Customers
Time's running out and you need extra customers now. These perks can turn those potential customers into paying customers.

The Importance of Bravery in Advertising
Is your ad campaign lacking bite? Do you wonder why ideas never take off? Maybe you need to take some brave, bold steps and fly higher.

How To Make a Successful Viral Video
If you want to make a video that goes viral, here's what you need to know to get started.

Cross-Promote Your Business Through Partnering
Partnering is a highly-effective, low-cost advertising medium to cross-promote businesses. Find out how every type of company can benefit from partnering.

New Online Business Ad Solutions
How do you get a new business off the ground especially when it's on the Web? Get the most out of your ad campaign when you're on a budget diet.

Testing Your Advertising Idea
Is that great advertising idea really going to be the one to increase your sales? Test your concept before diving in.

The Power of Podcasting
Spread your advertising message while providing your potential customers key information on a regular basis. Keep local customers as well as those around the world coming back to your site. The power of podcasting has endless possibilities.

Five Keys to Getting Customers
Getting customers in the door is crucial to your company's success, whether you own a traditional brick and mortar store or all of your business is handled over the Internet. Use these five keys to complete the sale and get repeat customers.

Unleashing Your Ad Dollars in Newspapers
Advertising spending is up but you can reap the benefits from newspaper ads. Weigh the positive and negative factors before you make your advertising decision.

Offline Advertising for Your Online Presence
Advertising your online presence begins offline. Television, radio and print are cost-effective advertising mediums that can drive traffic to your Web site in droves.

Paying the Bills
Who likes getting bills? Use these strategies and it could be your customers.

Small Budget Advertising
Whether you're just starting a business or you're on a budget diet, find out the many ways you can bypass high cost advertising.

Creating a Successful Ad Campaign
What's the key to effective advertising? Unlock the secrets of long-term success.

Creating and Conducting a Great Ad Campaign
What are the advantages of good advertising? Where should you advertise if you're on a small budget? What's the purpose of a headline? Get answers to these questions and more to create and conduct a great ad campaign.

Effective E-Zine Ad Campaigns
Free ads are great but are they doing you more harm than good? Build Your Home Biz shows you how to create an effective e-zine ad campaign.

Here, then, are 10 common advertising annoyances, listed in no particular order. Another 10 equally annoying bugbears will follow in the second of this two-part special.

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