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Want to take the leap into a career in advertising or public relations? Or maybe you're already working in the industry and want to enhance your career. Education and training is key.
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Another 5 Creative Exercises
In a pervious post you were presented with 10 challenges to aid creative thinking. Now, it’s time to up the ante, with some problems that delve a little deeper, take a little more of your time, and perhaps a little more creativity. You obviously don’t have to do them all, but when you have a lull between projects and need something to keep your...

Copywriting Exercise – Reverse-engineering An Ad Using Stock Photos

Choosing the Right Education for a Career in Advertising
Do you need a degree? If so, what kind? Anyone with an interest in working in advertising always wants to know what kind of educational background they need and how they can get started. Find the answers to your common questions about beginning your career in advertising.

Another 5 Great Advertising Books You Should Read
If you're stuck for advertising inspiration, these five books offer a wealth of knowledge. Avoid them at your peril.

Five Lesser-Known Ad Men You Should Know All About
You know the advertising greats, but what about the greats who didn't get as much press? Meet five men who had a huge impact on advertising.

Free E-Course: Starting Your Career in Advertising
You want to work in advertising but you have no idea where to begin. Whether you're studying advertising, wanting to become a freelancer or you're looking for ad agency work, this free e-course helps you launch your advertising career.

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