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Freelancing in the advertising industry is both challenging and rewarding. These complete resources help you get started as a freelancer and enhance your career as a freelancer.
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Freelance Advertising FAQs
Most creative people in the advertising industry will freelance at some point, either as a full-time profession, or to make some extra money. Whichever it is, there are lots of questions that people ask about the freelancing business. Here are answers to the top SIX questions received at About.com’s Advertising channel over the years:

Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website
Freelance copywriters know how to produce great copy but creating a freelance copywriting website for yourself can be a challenge. Transform those site lurkers into paying customers with an effective website that shows off your copywriting skills.

Unemployment Benefits For The Advertising Industry
One of the biggest problems in advertising is unemployment. It happens quickly, it hits hard and it can even close down whole agencies if the economy is bad enough. Find out some of the FAQs about this tough subject right here.

Freelance Copywriting in a Bad Economy
Companies are slashing ad budgets. Advertising agencies are cutting staff. But there's still work to be done. Now's the time to be a freelance copywriter, regardless of your ad industry experience.

What to Do When You Don't Get Paid for a Freelance Job
You spent all of your time working on that project. The client approved it. So why isn't that check in your mailbox yet? You have several options for dealing with a freelance client who doesn't seem to want to part with the cash you're owed.

How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter or Graphic Designer
Your particular project doesn't warrant hiring a permanent, full-time copywriter or graphic designer. You just need some help temporarily. Choosing the right person for your project is a must for getting the materials you need, the expertise required for the job and making your ad campaign a success.

Breaking into advertising can range from tough, to almost impossible. But if you apply yourself, and sink your teeth into the task, you can do it.

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