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Getting Started as a Freelancer

Whether you're pondering a career change or you're an advertising pro ready to branch out on your own, this is the place to begin your freelancing success.

Tips for Freelance Copywriters - Getting Started as a Freelan…
Get tips for freelance copywriters from other advertising professionals to help you get started in your own freelancing career.

Freelance Advertising FAQs
Most creative people in the advertising industry will freelance at some point, either as a full-time profession, or to make some extra money. Whichever it is, there are lots of questions that people ask about the freelancing business. Here are answers to the top SIX questions received at About.com’s Advertising channel over the years:

Seven Ways to Start Your Freelance Copywriting Career Off Right
You've made the decision to become a freelance copywriter but you're not sure what to do next. These seven tips show you how to start your freelance copywriting career off right.

Approaching Agencies for Freelance Work
Freelance copywriters and graphic designers don't get to meet with their potential clients in person very often. It can be a challenge to woo those agency prospects when they're on one coast and you're on the other. Find out the best way to approach agencies for freelance work and start landing those clients.

Setting Rates for Freelance Jobs and Getting Paid
Per project? By the hour? Find out the best way for a freelancer to set rates for freelance jobs and get paid.

Selling Yourself to Get Clients
Selling yourself to find freelance clients is the single most important aspect of getting your career off the ground. Find out how to find clients and how you can seal the deal.

10 Tips to a Perfect Portfolio
Your portfolio is your calling card. Is yours ready to land you a copywriting job or a freelance gig? Follow these 10 tips to create a perfect portfolio no matter what your experience level.

$100 - Your Ticket to a Freelance Copywriting Career
One of the most common questions people have about being a freelance copywriter is - How do I get started? You're going to create your own ad campaign to promote yourself and you're going to do it for under $100.

Creating a Plan of Action
Just as a new company creates a business plan, a new agency needs one too. Even if you're a freelance copywriter or graphic designer, you need a plan of action as well.

Setting Your Freelance Rates
One of the most common and most difficult questions you'll have as a budding freelancer is, "How do I set my rates?" Now there's help.

Getting Your Freelance Start
Ready to branch out on your own? Use these tips to begin your new freelancing career path.

Speculation: It Can Get You a Job
Breaking into the advertising industry may seem impossible. But a little speculation can get you in the door and on your way.

How Much Should I Charge?
Don't let the most common question in freelancing haunt you too.

From Pink Slip to Freelancing Success
Don't let the pink slip turn you blue. Use it as your key to being your own boss.

Get Into Advertising
So you want to be in advertising? Problem is, you don't even know where to start. Grab your pencils, you're about to take a crash course in advertising.

Small Budget Advertising
Whether you're just starting a business or you're on a budget diet, find out the many ways you can bypass high cost advertising.

Don't Cold Call
When trying to gain new clients, you must know about etiquette when approaching creative directors and business owners.

Hiring Freelancers
One of the best ways to learn how to get a freelancing job is to know what others will be looking for in their search for a freelancer.

Is Freelance Graphic Design Right for You?
Successful freelancing requires more than just artistic talent or proficiency with software. Explore four myths about working for yourself before taking the plunge into freelance design or starting a desktop publishing business.

Your Graphic Design Portfolio
Potential employers or clients use examples of your work to help determine whether they want to hire you. The samples you choose to display and how you present them can affect whether or not you get the job.

Build Your Advertising Portfolio
Even if you have no writing samples, you still need to develop a strong portfolio to get assignments and new clients. This course, taught by Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan, helps you create your portfolio from start to finish.

The Key to Copywriting: From A to Z
This course helps you develop your copywriting skills while teaching you how to begin your freelancing career or land an ad agency job. Taught by Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan.

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