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Selling Yourself to Get Clients


Everything's Ready to Go - But to Where?
Head to your local library and ask for the Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies. It's a reference book, published quarterly, so take lots of change. Unless you're willing to fork out over $900 for this guide, be prepared to spend some time at the library.

This book details agencies, their Creative Directors and the type of advertising they handle. Don't limit your search to agencies in your area only, either. Freelancing allows you to have clients scattered around everywhere without ever having to lay eyes on them.

You've Made Your List and Checked it Twice. Now, on With the Show.
You have your list in place. The most important part of launching your freelance career is also the hardest. Your first project as a freelancer is to sell yourself.

Come up with your own ad campaign to sell your services to future clients. Be creative. Be clever. Be confident.

Create an ad campaign that will get your target market to pick up the phone and call you right now!

Write a sales letter identifying why you are uniquely qualified to land a freelancing gig. Also create a response card. This is simply a small form printed on heavy stock paper.

A client can request more info by filling out the card. Attach one of your new business cards.

Send your newly-created package in the mail to the Creative Director of the agency. While you're waiting for the phone to ring, submit your new Web site to search engines and sign up for talent search sites such as Guru.com, CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com.

Before you know it, you'll be turning clients away, you'll have so many projects!

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