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Top 5 Books for Copywriters


Copywriting isn't easy. There are certain rules to follow, words to use and it's a talent you have to develop over time. These books will help you hone your copywriting skills and move toward a successful copywriting career.

1. Words That Sell

By Richard Bayan, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0809247992 - Can't seem to find the right words to truly capture your target audience? This book is a library of buzz words you can use in sales letters, direct mail, print ads, commercials and more.
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2. The Copywriter's Handbook

By Robert W. Bly, Henry Holt and Company, ISBN 0805011943 - Perhaps the most famous copywriter of all, Bob Bly walks you through the many facets of copywriting in this essential guide. Whether you're looking for a freelance gig or you're ready to start your career in an ad agency, everything from creating writing samples to how to succeed is fully explained.
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3. Teach Yourself Copywriting

By J. Jonathan Gabey, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0658012010 - Anyone can produce copy. Copy that sells is another matter entirely. Copywriters, promotion directors and anyone wanting to improve their writing skills can benefit from this guide. The updated version includes Email and Internet marketing tools as well.
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4. The Elements of Copywriting

By Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly, Longman, ISBN 0028626303 - Tackle the tricks of the trade. Gain tips on how to write all types of marketing materials. Discover the benefits of short, punchy sentences.
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5. Phrases That Sell

By Edward Werz and Sally Germain, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0809229773 - Building on the number one choice, Words That Sell, this book identifies over 5,000 phrases you can use in your advertising materials and gives you the "10 Basic Rules of Copywriting."
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