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Developing Your Start-Up's Ad Strategy


Your ad strategy should begin before you even put the "Open" sign in your window. Getting ready for customers starts with the decision that you're going to open up your own business. Gear up now to reap the rewards of success for the life of your business.

Develop Your Message
Know what you want to tell customers about your business. Let's say you want to open up a furniture store.

Do you want to be known as the discount furniture store or the upscale furniture store? Do you have a large inventory or select pieces?

Develop your message to help customers identify your business. A vital tool in developing your message will also come from your marketing plan.

Consistency in Look
The colors you choose, your logo and all of your materials should be consistent. Don't just choose red because it's your favorite color.

Take this major decision one step further. Companies spend a lot of time and money on developing their look. No matter what the size of your company, you should too.

McDonald's is known for its golden arches. Home Depot is known for its bright orange. You've got to think about how you will brand your company right from the start.

Your logo's look, the font size and type you use, even your slogan should be consistent from the business cards you have printed to the front door your customers will be opening.

Identify Your Competitors
What other businesses in your area will you be competing with for the customer's dollar? Identify those competitors and your differentiators.

What makes your company better? What makes their company better? Take your company's strong points and use them to attract customers. Take your company's weaker points and see how you can improve them to fill those gaps.

Even when your company takes off, continue to analyze your differentiators. There's always room for improvement and more sales as business evolves.

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