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Use gimmicks for your gain. Study actual publicity stunts and see how you can create your own media buzz.

The Rise of Vending Machines: PART TWO
In part one of this two-part special, we looked at five great guerrilla stunts, done with modified vending machines, that ad agencies used to promote brands as diverse as soda and deodorant. In this second installment, we cast the net even wider, including movie promotions, beer, and a good old cup of Joe.

The Rise of Vending Machines: PART ONE
There are millions of vending machines in the world. And every one of them gives the owner, or renter, a chance to turn them into a brand communication. Of course, if you have the time and the money, you can even create an original vending machine built solely for the stunt you have in mind. Here are five great examples of some of the best vending machines stunts from the last decade. Almost all went viral, quickly.

Promos With a Punch
Take a look at what the execs have to say about big promotions like Oprah's Pontiac giveaway and Sirius/Howard Stern's massive promotion.

Look Beyond The Billboard
There are places beyond non-traditional that you should consider, because now those “unexpected” places to advertise are becoming inundated with messages from big brands far and wide.

Howard Stern and Sirius Pull Off Major Publicity Stunt
Howard Stern has been very vocal about his move to Sirius Satellite Radio. His first publicity stunt to promote the new gig drew a crowd of fans and a media circus.

Sex In Advertising
Sex and advertising go together like movies and popcorn. And these days, sex is everywhere. But does it actually do the job of selling more product?

High Profile Lawsuits - The Ultimate Publicity
Companies involved in lawsuits can find themselves getting more exposure than they normally would. Take a look at some high-profile lawsuits that have created national publicity for plaintiffs and defendants.

Unauthorized M. Night Shyamalan Documentary a Publicity Stunt
An alleged expose of director M. Night Shyamalan turns out to be a publicity stunt.

16,000 Quarters Become Advertisements
A new publicity stunt will have you taking a second look at the quarters in your pocket.

Better Pizza? Bigger Lawsuit.
Papa John's claims to have better ingredients and a better pizza. But Pizza Hut feels differently and filed a false advertising lawsuit against its competitor. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ended that case. And one company was shocked by the results.

Kobe and Shaq Feud: Real or Publicity Stunt?
The Lakers teammates have been taking jabs at each other through media outlets recently. But with Kobe's legal troubles, is the feud real or a publicity stunt?

Laughing All the Way
When Ray Owens created the AOL Virus Hoax and sent it to his JokeADay.com mailing list, he had no idea the joke would cause such widespread panic. Now, this unexpected publicity stunt has him laughing all the way.

When Publicity Stunts Go Bad
In an attempt to raise a little WNBA awareness, player Sue Bird canceled her bet with radio host Mitch Levy who promised to spank her if she lost the bet. If she won the bet, he had to buy season tickets to the Storms games.

WKRP's Turkey Drop
A fictional example of a publicity stunt gone wrong. Fans of WKRP in Cincinnati undoubtedly remember the Thanksgiving turkey drop episode - an event where live turkeys would be thrown out of a helicopter. But as WKRP station manager Arthur Carlson said, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

The 10 Greatest Publicity Stunts
The top 10 greatest publicity stunts in pop music. Included on the list are Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Elvis. Goes into detail on each publicity stunt.

The Britney Spears-Madonna Kiss
In the wake of Britney's very public breakup and Madonna's release of a new album, the Britney-Madonna kiss has been seen around the world. This article examines the buzz and also asks what was in it for Christina Aguilera.

Britney Spears Gets Married
Was Britney's marriage and annulment a publicity stunt, a bad decision or both? This article from USAToday.com takes a look into the debate.

Dennis Rodman as a Bride
NBA star Dennis Rodman showed up as a bride when he released his book. The publicity stunt even landed him a place in Trivial Pursuit and a print ad for the game.

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Surprise
It's been named a "wardrobe malfunction" but many industry pros suspect the more appropriate term is simply "publicity stunt." This article from USAToday.com examines the stunt and the fallout afterward, no pun intended.

The Passion of the Christ in France
Rumors circulated that Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" wouldn't be shown in France because Gibson's production company couldn't find a French distributor. The president of the French National Federation of Film Distributors says it was all a publicity stunt to get more attention for the controversial movie.

What is a Publicity Stunt?
This definition of what makes a publicity stunt also contains some stunt examples with links.

Guerrilla Marketing 101
An explanation of the core principles of guerrilla marketing

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