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Advertising on a tight budget? Not sure where to start your ad campaign for your business? These advertising solutions help you with every aspect of your campaign.
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What if Advertising Told The Whole Truth?
What if Ads Were 100% Honest? If we’re completely honest with ourselves, we know as either clients, account managers or creatives, we’d be setting ourselves an impossible task.

Advertising in The Yellow Pages
When dial-up Internet became a household staple, the Yellow Pages suffered…a little. But with the Yellow Pages being instantly accessible, and dial-up taking time and money, it was not hugely impactful. Then high-speed Internet came along, hammering the Yellow Pages. And when smart phones became as widespread, and affordable, as owning a TV or radio set, the Yellow Pages effectively died.

When Taglines Get Lost In Translation
What happens when some of America's greatest taglines are put through the translation filter? It's not actually as cut and dry as simply hitting the translate button, due to different cultural references. We went through the advertising archives to find some of the best examples of tagline crash-and-burn.

Everything Is Branding
It’s amusing to see companies put out requests for branding campaigns. It’s also confusing, because clearly a lot of smart, well-educated, savvy businessmen and women don’t know what branding is. If they did, they wouldn't ask for a branding campaign. And the reason is simple – everything you do is branding.

Spending Ad Budget in Recession - Spending Advertising Budget…
Spending money when your ad budget is limited may leave you wondering what the best advertising medium is to invest in. Get recommendations from advertising industry pros and other business owners on where to spend your advertising budget when money is tight.

The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One
How many times have you rejected work because it was too risky? How many times have you played the safe bet? The problem is, every time you play safe, you take a bigger risk than going with the "dangerous" campaign. And your business is suffering as a consequence.

Don’t Say It, Prove It.
When people first get into advertising, especially on the creative side, they find it easier to simply come out and say what they think the product or service is all about. Being direct, it seems, is the best way to get to the consumer. But this is not how good advertising works. To be successful, don't say it...prove it.

Different Types of Advertising Methods
You've got a great idea for a campaign. But where does it go? Billboards? Direct mail? Cell phones? Posters? Guerrilla tactics? As an advertiser, you have thousands of choices. Learn more about your options, and the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Changing Beliefs Vs. Changing Behaviors
Why it's easier to change customer behavior than customer beliefs.

Advertising in a Bad Economy
Would you rather cut your ad budget to save money now or potentially grow your business by 256-percent over the next five years? Research shows companies who maintain their advertising during a bad economy reap the rewards long after the recession is over. Find out why this is the time you need to advertise now more than ever.

Best, Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business
As a business owner looking for the best, inexpensive ways to advertise your business, you may feel overwhelmed on the advertising choices you have to make, especially when you're looking at a tight budget. There are plenty of low cost options for you to consider so you can get the most out of your advertising dollars.

You Just Can't Do It All By Yourself
If you find your work days getting longer and your personal time getting shorter, don't be shy about seeking additional help.

Promoting Your Business with Cartoon Maps
Think outside of the advertising and promotion box to find an often-overlooked way to get exposure for your business. Turn your business into a cartoon and make low-cost promotion a reality.

What's In A Name? Six Essential Elements to Naming Your Business
Naming your business is not only your first step to opening your company, the name you choose can also help advertise what it is you do. Create a solid name for your company with these six essentials.

Making It Easy for Customers to Choose You
It's easy for your Web site to get lost in a sea of similar sites. How do you make yours stand out from the rest? Customer service and low prices may sound like a sure thing but you've got to make it even easier for customers to choose you.

Using Your Podcast to Advertise Your Business
Creating a podcast is a simple, low-cost way to reach potential customers without spending money on advertising. The key is to offer your listeners information they can use, not a commercial in disguise.

Selling Advertising for Your Podcast
Podcasters are quickly finding out their free podcasts are a great avenue for selling advertising. As many Webmasters quickly transform their content to include podcasting, find out what you need to know to begin running paid commercials during your podcast.

Ten Ways to Blow Your Advertising Campaign
You didn't really want your ad campaign to be effective did you? Turn your ad campaign into a disaster by making these ten mistakes.

Is Sponsorship Right for Your Company?
Can a sponsorship help you grow your business? Absolutely. Guest author and trade show Susan Friedmann shows you how to get involved and what to expect.

10 Ways to Run Your Own Advertising Campaign
Can't afford an agency price tag? Run your own advertising campaign, whether you're a small business or a freelancer trying to promote yourself.

Ten Ways to Get Customers to Act Now
Why isn't the phone ringing? Maybe it's your call to action. Use these techniques to boost sales and get those phones ringing.

Capitalizing on Creative
Morning person. Night owl. Creative levels peak at different times of the day. Use these five fundamentals to get the brightest ideas out of your employees.

How to Write a Creative Brief
The basic steps you need to take to write a good creative brief

Broadcast Advertising
The complete definition of broadcast advertising, including the many different types of broadcast advertising there are within the category, rates for commercials, types of ads and the cost of creating adverts for TV and Radio.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Your Ad Agency Do Better Work.
If you’re a client that regularly deals with an advertising agency, here are 10 tips you should follow to make sure you get the best out of your chosen firm. Remember, you are both in it for the same reason…to make money. You will make more if they do effective work, and they will make more by attracting other clients who saw the effective work they did for you.

Tony the Tiger is still gracing that box of Kellogg’s cereal more than 60 years after his debut in 1951. Find out where he came from, and how he survived so long.

Now, hashtags are everywhere. Here are five hashtags you should always consider using, with their current Websta rating (it changes daily).

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