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Hypothetical Advertising Questions

From Pop Culture, To Advice, We Have Answers.


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The About.com Advertising channel gets many, many questions every month. Some we can't answer because it would take too long to respond to every one. Some we can't answer because we'd be on shaky legal ground. Some, we just won't answer and we'll leave it at that.

But, when we get similar questions on similar topics, we like to respond with articles that do a good job of fulfilling your ever-growing need for knowledge. Here then are a series of articles that start with a question, and hopefully give you all the answers you are looking for. We'll start with the topic of the moment:

As an Advertiser, Would You Sponsor Lance Armstrong Now?

So, the sporting world, the Internet, and everyone else, is talking about Lance Armstrong after his full and frank interview with Oprah. The once noble, untouchable cyclist who won seven Tour-De-France titles was shamed last year when he was found to be yet another sporting hero to fall foul of doping. But there are always bigger implications when something like this happens. Everyone knows Tiger Woods made more money from corporate sponsors than he did from tournament wins, and they scattered to the nine winds when his squeaky clean image was tarnished. The question is…would you sponsor a liar like Lance?

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Racy? Raunchy? Or Downright Offensive

A recent example of something that really does push the limits (or flat out explodes them) is MTV's latest ad for The Valleys. In true MTV reality show tradition, it's a vacuous UK show about a bunch of young men and women who do everything and anything to enjoy life. Sex. Drinking. Fighting. Sex. Smoking. Drinking. Sex. The usual. And the ad pushes every one of those "assets." But the question is, should an ad this racy ever go out before 8pm?

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So You Have a New Boss. Now What?

A new boss can enter your life in many ways, and all of them can be equally unsettling. Perhaps your boss, a creative director, is fired to make way for fresh blood. Maybe your agency merges with another, and a new account director or CD is put in charge. Maybe your boss quits, and gets replaced by someone very different. But the question is, what will you do when faced with a new boss?

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Is Apple Missing Steve Jobs More Than They Want to Admit?

Every good company has a brand identity; a set of values that tells the brand how to speak, act, think, interact and present itself to the public. Apple has been consistent in the way it advertises.

Smart. Honest. Authentic. Modern. Simple. Sophisticated.

Apple's mission statement used to back that up, too. It's always been about "making the best personal computers in the world," and the proof was in the product. They were astoundingly easy to use, and still are to this day. But all that seemed to change when Steve Jobs passed on. The question is, has Apple lost its direction since it lost their creative driving force?

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What's In a Name? Are Advertising Agencies Letting The Side Down?

It's surprising that in an industry that makes its bread and butter with creativity and originality, advertising is home to some of the most boring agency names on the planet. Indeed, it's very fair to say that only law firms rival their completely uninspired approach to self-naming. An agency as creative as Bartle Bogle Hegarty, for instance, may not get very far today with such an average and forgettable moniker. But it seems to have been the case, in the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, for agencies to go with the standard "names above the door" approach. The question is, should modern advertising agency names reflect a more creative culture?

Read the complete article here.

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