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Five Keys to Radio Advertising Success


Radio is an affordable ad medium that can reach a mass audience. These five keys help increase your chances of having a successful radio ad campaign.

Frequency of Ads
A radio commercial needs to air multiple times before it sinks in with the listener. Running your commercial once a week for a month isn't going to be enough.

Frequency refers to how many times your ad airs in a short amount of time. A commercial that airs multiple times in a day has a better chance of reaching the listener than a commercial that only airs a few times in a week.

Target Audience
Just like with every ad you create, you must know your target audience. Advertising your western gear store on a country station makes sense. Advertising a teen clothing store on the same station doesn't.

Make a list of the radio stations in your market. Listen to each one to help identify your own target audience. What kind of listeners will be tuning in and are they a potential customer for your product or service?

Radio stations also offer programs you'll want to know more about before you buy. You won't want to advertise your Christian book store during a program that uses a raunchy sense of humor.

Producing Your Commercial
Unlike television commercials, production is more simple for a radio commercial. You need a script and voice talent.

However, that doesn't mean you should just slap something together. Your copy isn't relying on any visuals so it's vital you capture the listener's attention from the start. The copy needs to be crystal clear and not muddied by trying to be cutesy in your pitch.

Voice talent can be as simple to find as calling the radio station. Most stations have a complete list of voice talent in your area. You send the script, they voice it.

Remember, frequency is the key so make sure your ad hits the mark and will get the consumer's attention the first time. Research shows it takes a few times before the consumer actually gets what your company is all about. It's vital your ad stands out and conveys your message repeatedly.

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