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Getting Noticed Is Your Advertising’s Number One Priority
To break through to the consumer, your advertising is going to have to be pretty special. That does not mean beautifully crafted copy and art direction. That’s a given. Everything you do should be well-crafted. No, special means eye-catching. Really, really eye-catching.

Let’s Talk Digital
As newspapers close up shop, and magazines push digital copies at cheaper prices, it seems certain that one day advertising will do most of its business in the online world. And without a solid foundation in digital, your campaign will splutter and fall like an old 90’s dotcom business.

Be Smart, But Don’t Show Off.
Many of today’s advertising creatives will approach a job wanting to do the coolest, most incredible pieces of work that they can. They want it to sing. They want it to be praised by other agencies. They want it to win every award (make that every gold award) and be the first piece in their portfolio. And if it also happens to connect with the consumer, even better. This kind of thinking is not thinking at all. It’s shooting the campaign in the foot before it ever gets out of the gate. If you put the consumer last, you can expect them to do the same with your advertising. It will be last on their minds, leaving you with a campaign that may look pretty, and clever, but does nothing for your client.

Hypothetical Advertising Questions
The About.com Advertising channel gets many, many questions every month. Some we can’t answer because it would take too long to respond to every one. Some we can’t answer because we’d be on shaky legal ground. Some, we just won’t answer and we’ll leave it at that. But, when we get similar questions on similar topics, we like to respond with articles that do a good job of fulfilling your ever-growing need for knowledge. Here then are a series of articles that start with a question, and hopefully give you all the answers you are looking for.

Lies, Lies and Advertising.
There is no smoke without fire, and there are clearly many rotten apples that have ruined both professions, in the eyes of the general public anyway. Lawyers are slimy liars who will do anything to win a case. Advertisers are slick liars who will say anything to get a sale. However, this is just not true. The “truths” about us are lies 99% of the time.

5 Overlooked Advertising Truths
On the subject of truth, it’s worth turning that analysis on our own industry. We need to look for truths that are overlooked because they’re inconvenient, unpopular, or simply not understood. Here are five overlooked truths about modern advertising, design and marketing.

Cut The Meetings
In the advertising and design industry, meetings are the fleas that come with the dog. Some people like meetings, a lot. Others hate them. Most people simply tolerate them, often hoping for a snack or something else to make the whole thing better. But the sad fact is this; most meetings are either completely unnecessary, or way too long.

Grammar. Don’t. Matter.
Anyone with an English degree will take one look at the headline and feel either appalled, nauseous or angry. It’s not very good. Come to think of it, that last sentence wasn’t, either. Or this one. Ouch. But in the world of advertising, marketing and design, the most important aspect of the work is communication. Does it get the message across...

Let’s Not Play it Safe
Vanilla is a flavor everyone, or 99% of ice cream eaters, like. It’s rarely loved or talked about with passion, but it’s a safe bet. Really safe. And safe advertising suffers the same flaws. If you play it safe, you’re playing to lose.

Don’t Be Too Smart For Your Own Good
It’s probably correct to say that less than 10% of all the advertising produced is genuinely clever, creative and inspiring. But it’s also true to say that while being trite and cliché is unacceptable, it’s also a waste of time, energy and resources to overthink a project. Sadly, all too often creatives and ad agencies will let their egos get in the way and refuse to do something simple and effective. And being overly clever, well that’s almost as bad as being hackneyed.

Giving Constructive Feedback
This edition shines the spotlight on something that not only improves the finished work, but the process, the agency morale, and the quality of the thinking involved. And what’s more, it costs absolutely nothing to implement. It needs no extra equipment. It needs little-to-no additional training. This force for good is constructive feedback.

Don’t Say It, Prove It.
When people first get into advertising, especially on the creative side, they find it easier to simply come out and say what they think the product or service is all about. Being direct, it seems, is the best way to get to the consumer. But this is not how good advertising works. To be successful, don't say it...prove it.

How To Give A Good Creative Presentation
A bad presentation can kill a great campaign before it ever gets the chance to live. A good presentation can change the course of an agency, and the client, forever. Make sure you know how to rock your next creative presentation.

10 Exercises To Get The Wheels Turning (Again)
There's nothing as frustrating as writer's block, or staring at a blank page. But there are ways to sharpen the mind instead of admitting defeat. Try one of these 10 exercises the next time you feel stuck in a rut, or just want to sharpen your mind.

Don’t Contribute To The 89% Of Ads That Go Unnoticed
Did you know that almost every ad created, 9 out of 10 in fact, never gets noticed. That's shameful. But it can be avoided, if you know why it happens.

The Importance of Bravery in Advertising
Is your ad campaign lacking bite? Do you wonder why ideas never take off? Maybe you need to take some brave, bold steps and fly higher.

Sex In Advertising
Sex and advertising go together like movies and popcorn. And these days, sex is everywhere. But does it actually do the job of selling more product?

The Six Basic Rules of Billboard Advertising
The six rules you need to know to create effective billboard ads

Avoid the Puppets, Deal with the String Pullers
A long-needed solution to the problems of bad advertising and poor processes with advertising, marketing and design agencies.

Consumers Love New, Even When It’s Old
Why consumers will continue to buy new products and services, even when they are just a simple refresh of something old.

How to Write a Creative Brief
The basic steps you need to take to write a good creative brief

Don't Ever Be Tempted to Use Puns

Changing Beliefs Vs. Changing Behaviors
Why it's easier to change customer behavior than customer beliefs.

Guerrilla Marketing 101
An explanation of the core principles of guerrilla marketing

Complacency, Not Age, Is Your Enemy
Here are four strategies that can help you stay passionate, whether you’re in the midst of your career, or plan on retiring in a few years time.

How NOT To Write a Creative Brief
Here are some common mistakes that account managers, and even account directors, make when preparing a creative brief. Avoid these, and you’re halfway to a great brief.

How To Get Ahead in Advertising
Follow this advice, and it should help you move up the chain of command more quickly, and with any luck, get you to the very top before you’re too old to enjoy it.

Five Popular Questions Answered About Advertising
Here are the latest top five questions that surfaced about the advertising and design industries. Hopefully, you find your answer(s) in here.

How To Create A Powerful Press Kit
Whether your press kit is for a movie, a musician, an event, a product launch, or even a political campaign, you have the chance to get some great coverage for very little expense.

10 Surefire Ways To Get Your Website Noticed
Here are 10 ways to get people to not only notice your website, but to ensure they keep on noticing it. Like anything worthwhile, it will take time and effort.

Five Ways To Rethink Your Advertising Budget.
Here are FIVE ways to rethink the budget you’ve been given. Remember, your end goal is to get people to notice your advertising,

10 Unusual Places To Advertise
Whether you’re in an advertising agency, or you’re someone with a product or service that needs to be promoted, think about these 10 unusual places to put your advertisements.

Advertising To The Lizard Brain
For both sexes, and all ages, the number one instinct is survival. If you can tap into that part of their lizard brains with your advertising, you’ve got a winner.

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