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Web Advertising Agencies



Some Web agencies may not have a physical location where they meet clients in person. They work with clients via Email, phone and fax. Other Web agencies work like traditional agencies where they meet with clients and pitch Web campaigns just as they would an offline ad campaign.

Who They Serve:

Web agencies are exclusively devoted to advertising on the Internet. They manage every aspect of a client's Web campaign, from a simple banner ad to a full scale online campaign with sponsorships, search engine optimization, Email advertising and more.

Business Scenarios:

  • An online toy store wants to drive customers to its Web site by placing targeted banners on the top 10 parenting Web sites.

  • A flower shop wants a Web site built with a pay-per-click ad campaign to follow.

  • A video game developer wants a full service campaign for a new game's upcoming release. The campaign will feature :15 commercials only available online on gaming Web sites, opt-in Email newsletters and a special Web site with a free game demo.


Sample clients of advertising agencies listed in the Web category include:
  • MINI Cooper
  • SeaWorld Adventure Park
  • Shutterfly
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • The Weather Channel

The Listings:

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