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Youth Advertising

Revealing information on advertising in schools, beating the system and those targeted ads that get your children screaming, "I can't live without that!"

Do I Look Fat?
Kraft Foods changes its advertising and marketing approach to promote better eating habits for children.

1,500 School Newspapers to Accept National Ads
Schools will receive money for allowing advertisers to reach high school students.

Alcohol Advertising Reaching More Teens
A new report shows ad spending for alcohol is up and many of those ads are viewed by teens.

Banksy Takes on Advertising
Once again, Banksy is causing a stir. He is taking on the advertising industry; and not in a subtle way either. His point is a simple one. Advertisers, like you and I, do not ask permission to bombard viewers with advertising messages. We make people feel small and inadequate, we create empty space within people and we do it while hiding behind laws that protect us whilst giving nothing to the public.

Advertising to Children: Is It Ethical?
The American Psychological Association is split over some psychologists helping advertisers targeting children and some psychologists calling the practice into question.

The Power of Seventeen
Extra! is the magazine for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). This Extra! article inspects Seventeen magazine's many different features and how it allegedly undermines teenagers. You'll also find reaction about the article from Seventeen's Managing Editor.

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