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10 Ways to Stretch Your Ad Dollars

Newspapers reach a wide audience in a timely fashion. Most people subscribe to a newspaper on a daily basis, giving you plenty of time to tailor your advertising for the upcoming issue(s) of your choice.

You can also target a specific reader much easier than other advertising mediums. Just open your local newspaper. You'll find a large scope of sections - everything from food to entertainment. Breaking down your advertising into these topics makes your message that much stronger and more effective.

When writing your ad, you won't encounter as many space constraints. You can include longer copy and more pictures for full-page or even multiple-page ads.

You can include pre-printed materials to enhance your ad as well. And you have the opportunity to distribute reader-response materials such as coupons and contest entry forms.

Think of your newspaper ad as a more permanent fixture, offering your ad increased exposure. You have multiple readers to consider per issue. And most people hang on to their newspapers, even reading them more than once.

Another audience advantage for your ad is that most newspapers hold a high subscriber rate. So your ad is sent to a variety of people and numerous households.

You have a choice as to how many of those households you want to reach. You can purchase newspapers on the national, regional or local level.

Ad rates vary based on the publication and its subscribers. But when you compare these rates to other advertising forms, you'll find newspaper costs are significantly lower. Production costs are lower as well.

There aren't any limits to how many times your ad can be seen either. The frequency of your ad's exposure is higher due to repeat readership.

Newspaper ads are available 24-7. They are viewed by people who might not watch TV or subscribe to magazines. So your ad receives preferential treatment.

Often when people turn to the newspaper, they're looking for ads. What's on sale? What movie is playing? It's the perfect opportunity for you to snag another customer...and a sale!

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