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Advertising Materials

Every element of an ad campaign is different. Discover everything you need to know when producing advertising materials - from your role in your career with an ad agency to creating your own projects as a business owner.
  1. Brochures (9)
  2. Catalogs (4)
  3. Direct Mail (9)
  4. Mobile Advertising (1)
  5. Newsletters (8)
  6. Online Advertising (29)
  7. Point-of-Purchase (6)
  8. Print Projects (10)
  9. Sales Letters (7)
  10. Television and Radio (16)

Advertising in The Yellow Pages
When dial-up Internet became a household staple, the Yellow Pages suffered…a little. But with the Yellow Pages being instantly accessible, and dial-up taking time and money, it was not hugely impactful. Then high-speed Internet came along, hammering the Yellow Pages. And when smart phones became as widespread, and affordable, as owning a TV or radio set, the Yellow Pages effectively died.

Innovative Uses For QR Codes
The adoption of QR codes has meant the usual "jumping on the bandwagon" strategy by so many advertisers and marketers. Sadly, they put little or no use into the QR code usage, simply slapping it on a poster or website and calling it a day. That's a shame. Because if you use them in a more powerful way, you'll get way more response.

How to Create a Flyer
Need to advertise something but don't have a lot of cash? Flyers are an inexpensive way to reach a wide audience.

Understand The Medium
It’s not so easy to stay on top of every single way to communicate with a continually splintering target audience. And if you get it wrong, even just a little, it will be painfully obvious. It could even do damage to your brand.

Sex In Advertising
Sex and advertising go together like movies and popcorn. And these days, sex is everywhere. But does it actually do the job of selling more product?

Self-Promotion for Advertising Agencies
Are you making plans to promote your own advertising agency? Have your previous self-promotion pieces been less that extraordinary? You may be encountering the classic problems associated with agency self-promotion.

The Advertising Awards That Matter
A list of the top six advertising, marketing and design awards that are actually worth the entrance fee. Win these, you win big.

Different Types of Advertising Methods
You've got a great idea for a campaign. But where does it go? Billboards? Direct mail? Cell phones? Posters? Guerrilla tactics? As an advertiser, you have thousands of choices. Learn more about your options, and the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Outdoor Advertising
The term outdoor advertising, also know as out-of-home (OOH) is a broad one that covers billboards, posters, transit wraps and much more. Learn what's involved, including the costs.

Online Advertising (aka Digital) - Definition of the Common Forms of Online Ads
If you see an advertisement via the Internet (World Wide Web), then it is classified as online advertising. In fact, there are ads on this very page, and most other websites you visit, as they are the primary revenue driver for the Internet. Learn more about this vital part of the Internet.

The Creative Department of an Advertising Agency and its Key Players
Advertising agencies do some very creative, funny and sometimes outlandish work. But where does it all come from? Well, in the best agencies, everyone's involved, but it's always the creative department that's at the core of the work. Think you could be part of one?

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