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Ask Apryl: Ad-Wrapped Cars


Q: I love the idea of an ad-wrapped car. I only remember seeing three where I live though, which is odd being that I live right outside of Charlotte, NC. I've seen a Jersey Mike's Subs, GeekTools and a Pokemon VW (like Pokemon really needs to advertise more?).

But I've been looking on the Internet to see how to do that and every site I come across looks exactly the same. I don't think they're legit. Actually, they pretty much scream "scam"!

I've seen prices anywhere from $16.99 - $79.99 just to be able to access directories. That's crazy. It's sad that people fall for that.

I am very interested in a "wrapped" car, but are there any reliable sites that I can go to for this? I always thought the people driving those cars were actual employees of the companies being advertised. Lead me in the right direction, if you can. Thank you.

A: A couple of places to get you started. First of all, an article on car wraps in case you haven't read it just yet:

That's a Wrap!

You should never have to pay to access anything regarding car wraps so it's good that you're on scam alert. The wraps are something the advertiser pays for and their wait lists are pretty long. Accessing any directory is just a way to get money out of you as you suspected.

Companies looking for people to drive ad-wrapped cars typically use a special service dealing exclusively with wrapping their vehicles. These businesses manage the list of potential drivers and match these people up with the right companies. For you, that means these ad-wrapped businesses want to know how often you drive in a week, how many miles you generally drive, how many locations your car is parked at and also how many hours your car is parked at these locations.

At last check, the waiting list for car wrap drivers was somewhere around three years. But you never know what an advertiser might need in your area.

Here are a couple of Web sites to get you started. I can only give them to you as a reference point because I have never done business with them. Be sure to research any company thoroughly first to make sure they're what you're looking for:



You're also correct that a lot of wrapped cars these days are driven by employees. More companies are gravitating toward wrapped cars and managers or corporate execs usually drive these vehicles.

However, there are many companies still going for the consumer-driven wrapped car being driven around town. After all, what good does a wrapped car do when it's sitting on-site at the company all day?

Good luck to you in your search and drive safely!

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