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Creating your portfolio. Nailing the interview. Landing that job. The list of things to do before you actually get a job in advertising may seem endless but knowing exactly what path to take will help you achieve your goals sooner. Use these advertising basics to guide you down the road to a long and successful advertising career.
  1. What is Advertising?
  2. Finding a Job in Advertising
  3. Preparing Your Portfolio
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What is Advertising?

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Advertising. Marketing. Public Relations. These industries are commonly confused as being the same career paths. Before you begin your journey into the world of advertising, you have to know exactly what the differences are so you can choose the job that's right for you.

Finding a Job in Advertising

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Starting the job hunt can feel like an overwhelming task. Whether you're fresh out of college or someone looking for a career change, these tools show you exactly how to land that interview and begin your career in advertising.

Preparing Your Portfolio

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Advertising is a very visual medium and your potential boss will want to see what type of work you've been creating. Showing off your work can be quite a challenge, especially if you don't have many or any samples under your belt. Regardless of your past experience, you can put together a portfolio of copywriting or design samples to put the spotlight on your talent.

Career Profiles

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There are numerous jobs in the advertising industry and they all work together to make a great ad campaign. Not exactly sure where you want to begin your advertising career or what your ultimate goal in the industry is? Career Profiles show you salary information, skills needed, education required, a typical day in the job and even common misconceptions about the position.

Advertising Materials

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Every element of an ad campaign is different. One client may want a campaign that includes a brochure, television commercials and a direct mail package. Another client may only want a Web site and podcast ads. If you're just starting out, you must know the various advertising mediums before you begin your job search. If you're a seasoned pro, you know you have to adapt to the client's needs and be ready to take on any challenge. These resources give you a head start no matter what your advertising experience is.

Copywriting Exercises

Is your copy as solid as it should be as a professional copywriter? Are you new to the field and aren't quite sure what makes a good copywriter? Strengthen your copywriting skills no matter what your experience level with these copywriting exercises.

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