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Take your advertising career to a new level with career help and a focus on what's going on in the advertising industry. From newcomers in the field to seasoned agency pros, these career elements help you get ahead and stay on top of the advertising game.
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Career Profiles

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There are numerous jobs in the advertising industry and they all work together to make a great ad campaign. Not exactly sure where you want to begin your advertising career or what your ultimate goal in the industry is? Career Profiles show you salary information, skills needed, education required, a typical day in the job and even common misconceptions about the position.


Pictures tell. Words sell. A copywriter often stands between an ad campaign's success or failure. But a copywriter's talent takes time to develop. No matter what your experience level, all copywriters should continually strive to enhance their writing craft. Add these tools to your arsenal and write powerful copy every time.

Freelance Advertising

As a freelance copywriter or graphic designer, you are your own boss. Landing assignments and working with clients is rewarding but there's a lot of hard work to becoming a successful freelancer. Whether you're just getting started as a freelancer or you're a freelancer who needs help running your business, these tools will show you how to manage yourself and your clients in a professional manner that leads to a long, profitable and thriving freelancing career.

Advertising Agencies

Looking for your next job at an ad agency? Just wanting to check out agencies with Web sites? Explore this comprehensive database of advertising agencies. From Alabama to Shanghai, agencies from around the world are represented.

Industry Trends

Advertising is a fast-paced industry. What's hot today is old news tomorrow. These trends showcase the biggest advertising buzz that's happening right now in the industry.

Commercial Spotlights

Take an in-depth look at some of the noteworthy commercials hitting the airwaves. Find out more about the ad campaign, the agency responsible, pros and cons of the commercials and even a bit of trivia behind the ads that you can use around the water cooler to impress your co-workers.

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