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Review: The Pitch Season 2: Episode 2
After the disastrous opener last week (as far as the quality of the work goes), things could only get better for The Pitch. Once again, two agencies entered the arena to win the heart of a client. This time, it’s Bliss – a beauty products brand with 21 worldwide locations. You may have one near you, but they’re not exactly Ulta.

Review: The Pitch Season 2: Episode 1 – College Hunks Hauling Junk
The AMC reality show “The Pitch” is back with an all new season of ad agencies vying for the heart (and money) of a famous brand. On the first episode of the new season, College Hunks Hauling Junk is the business up for grabs. And the two agencies pitting themselves against each other for the business could not have been further apart.

San Diego Comic Con 2013
San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the biggest event in the calendar year for fans of TV shows, movies, video games and comic books. It’s huge. The tickets sell out in minutes, and for those five days you will be lucky to find an open hotel room anywhere near the Gaslamp Quarter.

Inspiration Jolt
There are many ways you can approach a project when you’re feeling stuck in a rut, but how many times have you looked at the brief and said “I wonder what a comedian would make of all this?” Probably not too many times, right? To be fair, most people don’t. Unless the brief actually has a comical element to it, or specifically requests that kind...

The Art of the Teaser
As anyone in the entertainment industry will tell you, the marketing often has to be out there months, or even years, before the movie, documentary, game or TV show is even near completion. And that leads to some creative, and often ingenious, solves for posters and “teaser trailers.”

A Sad Farewell to Tony Scott
The news was shocking to say the least. British director Tony Scott, responsible for films including True Romance, The Hunger, Crimson Tide, Top Gun and Enemy Of The State, committed suicide in a manner that was congruent to the movies he made. On August 19th, 2012, the director of big action movies apparently committed suicide by jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Touching on Subliminal Advertising
Subliminal literally means “below threshold” and as such is supposed to be something that your subconscious registers, not your conscious mind. There’s a now infamous story regarding sales of popcorn and soda at a movie theater that, although proven to be false, demonstrates the supposed effect of subliminal advertising.

Are You Still Watching AMC’s The Pitch?
If you have been watching this show, you will now know that every week the worst agency wins the pitch. This could not be done by accident; the odds just don’t work that way. So we have to assume that this is all done by design. In fact, the way the show is edited, and the selected sound bites that are interspersed between the fly-on-the-wall...

Will “The Pitch” Finally Bring Real Advertising to the Masses?
The lens of reality TV is focusing on advertising in a new AMC show called “The Pitch.” And although all involved say the connection to Mad Men is purely a coincidence, it seems like a smart move on AMCs part to capitalize on the success and intrigue of advertising. But will it work?

Review: The Pitch Episode 2 – Waste Management
From the start, this 2nd episode of The Pitch felt very different than the first episode. Being reality TV, you can’t trust what you see; only what you believe. And I believe that some clever editing created a much larger story of conflict and desperation than was actually true. I’ll never know, but unless you work for either of the two...

Slim-Fast Signs Rachel Hunter
Model Rachel Hunter has signed with Slim-Fast to be the new face of the weight loss products.

Teri Hatcher Sued Over Endorsement Deal
Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher is being sued for millions of dollars over one of her endorsement deals.

Paris Hilton Advertises New Fragrance
A $5 million ad campaign wants you to smell like Paris Hilton's Can Can.

American Idol Offers Hefty Price Tag to Sponsors
The writers strike is giving FOX the opportunity to cash in on American Idol's success and sponsors are willing to pay the price.

Nicole Kidman Inks With Nintendo
Nicole Kidman has signed a deal with Nintendo to train her brain.

Slim-Fast Signs Rachel Hunter
Model and actress Rachel Hunter teams with Slim-Fast to shed some pounds for the weight loss products company.

Nicole Kidman Inks With Nintendo
Actress Nicole Kidman signs on for Nintendo's Brain Training software series.

Arby's and NBC Market to Your Lunch Break
Fast food meets TV in an online venture that gives workers on their lunch break a daily show to watch from their desks.

Fans Marketing Campaign Saves Jericho
Fans start a marketing campaign to save the CBS show Jericho...and succeed.

Shrek's Fiona Lands HP Gig
Cameron Diaz's "Fiona" character from Shrek the Third has a new endorsement deal for HP.

Charlize Theron Sued Over Endorsement Deal
The Oscar-winning actress is being sued for allegedly violating the contract terms of her endorsement deal.

Slash Rocks VW for New Promotion
Guitarist Slash is appearing in a new promo for VW. The campaign will also include musician John Mayer and actor Christopher Guest.

Talladega Nights a Winner for Brands
Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights is a big hit for brands used as product placement.

HP Takes Product Placement to Jessica Simpson
HP is the star in Jessica Simpson's new music video. The product placement deal features many HP products in the four minute video.

Nissan Pulls Kim Cattrall Commercial
Nissan has pulled its commercial in New Zealand featuring Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.

Lindsay Lohan Signs Endorsement Deal
Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is the new face behind Proactiv Solution.

Sprint Taps Will Ferrell for New Commercials
Will Ferrell will take on the role of celebrity endorser to promote his movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Sprint Vision.

Ford Signs American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks
American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has landed a deal with Ford Motor Company. Hicks will sing and dance in new commercials to promote the "Drive on Us" year-end sales event.

Brad and Angelina's Baby Used for Product Placement
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby received a big box of baby clothes in Africa. A PR firm says it scored success when the first baby pictures of Shiloh featured the baby in the clothes they sent.

Britney Spears Trademarks Her Baby's Name
Britney Spears has trademarked her baby's name in hopes of introducing a new kids line of clothing.

Disney/Pixar's Cars Has More Than 350 Product Tie-Ins
The new Disney/Pixar film Cars has more than 350 product tie-ins using with every company from State Farm Insurance to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Ford Launches New Tagline With American Idol Spokesperson
Ford is launching a new tagline with a new spokesperson: American Idol's Kelly Clarkson.

TBS Grabs Attention for Lord of the Rings Airing
TBS is taking an eye-catching approach to promote a weekend Lord of the Rings airing.

Chevy and The Apprentice Team Up
Chevy and The Apprentice have teamed up to cross-promote the 2007 Tahoe. They want you to create a commercial for them.

Cable Channel USA Wants Your Character
Cable channel USA wants you to show them your character in their expanded "Characters Welcome" campaign.

American Express and the Two-Minute Oscar Ad
Director M. Night Shyamalan made a two-minute commercial appearance during the Oscars for American Express.

Oscar Pulls in Big Price Tag for ABC
ABC is sold out of ad space for the 2006 Oscars. Despite being down in viewers last year, the price tag for a 30-second commercial went up.

Curious George Crosses Into Product Placement
The new animated movie, Curious George, is generating buzz with the use of product placement.

James Frey Controversy Causes Doubleday to Buy Ads
Bestselling author James Frey's publisher is buying ads to combat the PR disaster it has faced after the writer's memoir turned out to be more fiction than fact.

Lifetime Takes Out Ad Against EchoStar
Lifetime Entertainment Services is taking aim at EchoStar to encourage subscribers to ditch the dish.

Sony Announces Finalists in Movie Promotion
Sony Pictures has announced the finalists for its "Silent Hill" movie promotion.

AOL Delivers Classic TV to Web
AOL is bringing back 100 classic TV shows and making them Webcasts with four :15 commercials in each episode.

Networks to Offer Ad-Free TV
Want to watch your favorite shows without the commercial interruptions? Willing to pay 99 cents per episode? Then the networks have a deal for you.

Pamela Anderson's Cold Shoulder in New Ads
Pamela Anderson is featured in new ads for PETA on phone cards.

Supermodel Kate Moss Dropped from Ads
Three companies have ended their endorsement deals with Kate Moss after a British tabloid publishes a photo of her snorting cocaine.

Paris Hilton Goes Yellow in Her Knickers
Can't get enough of Paris Hilton? Travel to Germany where she's selling online yellow pages in her own unique way.

50 Cent Enters Celebrity Endorsement Role
Rapper 50 Cent is entering the world of celebrity endorsements. And the timing couldn't be better for him.

Russell Crowe Flick's Word-of-Mouth Advertising
Russell Crowe's movie, Cinderella Man, is so good, you won't want your money back. At least, that's what AMC Theatres is hoping.

Hardee's Rolls Out Paris Hilton Ads
It's Hardee's turn to use the Paris Hilton commercial, as the Carl's Jr. campaign comes to an end.

Parental Group to Protest Paris Hilton Commercial
A parental group plans to protest the controversial Carl's Jr. commercial featuring Paris Hilton, saying the ad is "soft-core porn."

Gwyneth Paltrow Takes on Estee Lauder
Gwyneth Paltrow has signed a new endorsement deal with Estee Lauder, even though the star admits she's not much of a makeup fan.

The Votes Are In: American Idol is a Power Marketing Machine
Who could predict the latest product to be tied in with American Idol?

Starbucks Says Springsteen's Lyrics Leave Too Much of an Aftertaste
Controversial lyrics and a failed cross-promotion deal have left Starbucks closing its doors on The Boss.

The King's Mansion Gets First TV Commercials
Elvis Presley's Graceland will get new exposure through two :30 commercials.

XM Satellite Radio and AOL Team Up
XM Satellite Radio and AOL will team up to cross-promote each other's brands.

Gap Ditches Sarah Jessica Parker Deal
The Gap signed Sarah Jessica Parker to a multi-season deal in 2004 but has already replaced her with someone else.

The Apprentice's Product Placement Results in a Nasty Lawsuit
The Apprentice's product placement deals have resulted in a big lawsuit between two companies.

Yes, That's Hootie Crooning for Burger King
Your eyes didn't deceive you. That really is Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish belting out a tune in a cowboy suit for Burger King.

Ad Rules Tightened for the Oscars
ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences continued to tighten the belt on advertisers during this year's Oscars.

The Apprentice and Burger King Team Up for Third Season Kickoff
The Apprentice and Burger King have joined in a promotion deal that have Donald Trump pitching a special Apprentice burger.

Advertising’s Big Q&A:
A few weeks ago, I gave my warts-and-all review of the “Does Someone Have To Go?” two-part pilot. Overall, it was a scathing indictment of corporate culture, spineless meandering and outright dysfunction. But, in this desert of depressing reality there was an oasis of hope. It came in the form of Lorraine Wolfe, the Marketing Coordinator at VMS, who dared to speak the truth when all around her were backing down. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lorraine, and her full and frank replies are revealed below.

Does Someone Have To Go? An Indictment Of Today’s Corporate Culture.
Does Someone Have To Go?” has joined the reality TV ranks as yet another show that promises to lift the lid on the working practices of a modern business. Does it? Well, it’s a mixed bag.

Madonna the New Face of Versace
Madonna has inked a deal with Donatella Versace for a spring-summer 2005 ad campaign.

TV Show's "Merry Chrismukkah" Brings Holiday Cheer to Marketers
Fox's hit "The O.C." has introduced a term that's bringing big bucks and more variations on the holiday season.

CNN Pokes Fun at Itself in New Commercials
CNN has launched a new ad campaign and the ads use the talent to poke fun at themselves.

Ad Pro Deutsch's CNBC Show Expands
Ad guru Donny Deutsch will get even more exposure as his show expands to five days a week.

Viacom to Pay $3.5 Million Fine
Viacom has reached a settlement with federal regulators regarding several acts deemed indecent. The fine does not include the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident, which is being fought separately.

Howard Stern and Sirius Pull Off Major Publicity Stunt
Howard Stern has been very vocal about his move to Sirius Satellite Radio. His first publicity stunt to promote the new gig drew a crowd of fans and a media circus.

Matthew McConaughey's Endorsement Deal
The "Dazed and Confused" star is gearing up for a new gig with Stetson.

Madonna Asks for $12 Million in a New Endorsement Deal
Madonna could team up with Donatella Versace...but only if the price is right.

Ashlee Simpson's People Go Into Damage Control Mode
After walking off the Saturday Night Live stage when her own recorded vocals began playing, Ashlee Simpson is now facing the music with a little spin from the PR department.

Group Yanks Ad Dollars from "Father of the Pride"
The Family Friendly Programming Forum believed the new animated series "Father of the Pride" would be appropriate for younger viewers. After seeing the show, they've decided to pull their $50,000 in advertising.

Beyonce Signs Endorsement Deal with L'Oreal
Singer Beyonce Knowles will take home close to $5 million in a new deal with L'Oreal.

Chrysler Tells The Apprentice: "You're Fired!"
Chrysler says NBC's second season price tag is way too much money.

Oscar Has New Advertising Rules
The Academy Awards issues a new rule banning negative ads.

Unauthorized M. Night Shyamalan Documentary a Publicity Stunt
An alleged expose of director M. Night Shyamalan turns out to be a publicity stunt.

Howie Long to Front Chevy Trucks
Long inks a three year deal with General Motors and Chevrolet.

Christina Aguilera Ad Won't Air in the U.S.
The Virgin Mobile ad is too "Dirrty" for the U.S.

Sarah Jessica Parker Bridges the Gap
The "Sex and the City" star joins the ranks of a long line of celebrities fronting the retailer.

Beckham Cuts a Deal
Soccer star David Beckham scores an impressive endorsement deal with Gillette.

Friends Finale Pulls Second Highest Price Tag
"Friends" rakes in $2 million for a :30 commercial to air during the show's finale.

"The Apprentice" a 15-Episode Kwame Commercial
Donald Trump didn't hire Kwame Jackson but there are plenty of job offers on the contestant's plate.

Clairol Faces Boycott if "The Apprentice" Contestant Hired
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth made quite an impression on "The Apprentice." Clairol took notice and consumers say if the hair care company uses her in Herbal Essence commercials then they're not buying.

Eminem Sues Apple Over Ad
A boy singing Eminem's "Lose Yourself" has resulted in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Michael Jackson's Sponsorships and Endorsements Practically Impossible
Sponsorships and endorsements for Michael Jackson could be a distant memory for the pop star.

Palmolive's Madge Dies
Actress Jan Miner has died. She portrayed Palmolive's Madge for 27 years.

Agency Warns Against Time Machine Use
Ad agency warns Meredith Broadcasting Group that commercial time won't be paid for if the Time Machine is used.

Product Placement Hits the Airwaves
New TV shows are taking advantage of product placement to help pay for expenses. Find out who's cashing in on the extra exposure.

Time Machine: Ethical or Cheating?
When network affiliates use a time machine to squeeze in extra ads, it's highly frowned upon. But is it ethical or cheating?

Oh Brother, It's "Big Brother"
Another round of Big Brother is underway. But is CBS playing the advertising game to its advantage?

"Sizzle & Stir"ring It Up
Stars of yesterday are making their way back on the air. They're featured in a new ad campaign that has the advertising industry taking notice.

Friends in the Eye of Survivor's Storm
Two shows. One night. Millions of dollars in advertising. Just who will win the ultimate immunity challenge?

Pepsi Dumps Celebrity Endorsements
Beyoncé and Britney are out and "It's the Cola" is in.

CBS Bows to Pressure, Pulling Reagan Miniseries
After national advertisers threatened to pull their ads, CBS pulls the controversial Regan miniseries.

Movie Ads Move from Newspaper to Internet
Newspapers are seeing a decrease in the number of movies advertised. Internet spending for movie advertisers is up.

Friends Pulls Highest Price Tag
"Friends" has broken its own record with the highest price tag for a :30 commercial.

Advertisers Stay Even Without John Ritter
Advertisers decide to stay with "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," despite star John Ritter's death.

Martha Off the Hook?
Martha Stewart's attorneys have filed a motion to have two sets of charges dropped against her. She's already seeing a decrease in advertisers for "Martha Stewart Living" that could have a long-term effect on the publication.

Pamela Anderson Urges KFC Boycott
KFC has been the ongoing target of allegations of mistreatment of chickens. Now Pamela Anderson is voicing her opinion on the subject.

Martha Stewart Living Loses Advertisers
Amid Martha Stewart legal troubles, advertisers are pulling out of "Martha Stewart Living." The magazine is losing major ad dollars quickly.

High Price for Sex and the City Sponsors
Turner Broadcasting wants $50 million from a major sponsor and another $30 million from three other sponsors to get in on "Sex and the City" syndication.

Justin Timberlake the New Ronald McDonald
Justin Timberlake signed a $6 million deal to help promote the new "I'm Lovin' It" tag line.

Trading Spaces Trades Spaces
Home Depot is taking over the Lowe's sponsorship of "Trading Spaces." Lowe's decided not to renew its contract after three years of sponsoring the show.

New Maytag Man
"WKRP in Cincinnati" star Gordan Jump has retired as the Maytag Man. His replacement is Hardy Rawls.

Fran Drescher's Styling with Old Navy
Fran Drescher and her famous "The Nanny" laugh will be seen in new Old Navy ads.

Bob Hope Dies but the Advertising Legend Lives On
Comedian, actor and pitchman Bob Hope passed away but his legend lives on. Take a look at some of the products he promoted over the 100 years of his life.

Haven't We Had Enough of Reality?
A new reality show could be coming your way from Classmates.com. Sponsors are signing up to help pay for the show's production costs.

Spike Settles Suit
Spike Lee puts an end to his SpikeTV lawsuit with a settlement.

Madonna and the Gap
It may sound like a really bad joke but it's not. Madonna has signed a deal to star in Gap commercials along with Missy Elliott.

Judge Raises the Stakes for Spike Lee
A Supreme Court Judge says Spike Lee will have to put up an additional $2 million bond to pursue his case.

Regal Refuses to Run Lara Croft Sequel
Regal wants compensation for displaying a special Lara Croft and Jeep Wrangler promotion in its 47 movie theaters.

Viacom Has a Spike On Its Side
The son of big band musician Spike Jones says Spike Lee shouldn't stop SpikeTV name change for Viacom.

Cashing in on Lara Croft
AT&T Wireless and Chrysler Group are hoping to capitalize on the Lara Croft craze.

Spike Spikes TV
Spike Lee wins a temporary injunction over Viacom's SpikeTV name change.

Chrysler Puts the Brakes on Celine Dion Ads
After just one year fronting Chrysler, ads featuring Celine Dion and her voice have been pulled.

Lee Iacocca and Snoop Dogg Team Up for Chrysler
Tired of seeing Lee Iacocca with actor Jason Alexander? Iacocca's got a new co-star and the pairing may surprise you.

What Can We Learn From Amy’s Baking Company?
Amy’s Baking Company featured on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the show hosted by the belligerent, but brilliant, Chef Gordon Ramsay. Every episode, he goes to the eatery of a town or city and tries to revive their fortunes. Usually, he has to tell them their food is awful, which is a massive surprise to no one but the owners and the chef. However, after some tough love, and the truth, Ramsay makes some big changes and turns around the fate of the restaurant. How long that success lasts, well that’s up to the owners.

Advertising Advice Inspired by the Box
Television has a huge impact on all of us. Whether we are producing commercials that go on it, or are hooked on the latest scripted dramas and realty shows, the TV is one of the largest sources of entertainment and chat.

Promos With a Punch
Take a look at what the execs have to say about big promotions like Oprah's Pontiac giveaway and Sirius/Howard Stern's massive promotion.

The Apprentice Goes Cruising
The Apprentice will set sail on a new voyage that puts fans in touch with some of the shows previous contestants.

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