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Top 5 Books for PR Pros


Need a little kick in your PR? From business owners to individuals in the spin game, these resources are a must for getting free exposure for your product or service and keeping yourself clean in the public's eye.

1. Effective Public Relations

By Scott M. Cutlip, Allen H. Center, Glen M. Broom (Preface), Prentice Hall, ISBN 0135412110 - This guide to PR is known as the "bible" for industry professionals. Effective Public Relations is now in its eighth edition, covering concepts, theories, practices, history and even its relationship to marketing.
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2. Public Relations Kit for Dummies

By Eric Yaverbaum, Bob Bly (Contributor), Hungry Minds Inc., ISBN 0764552775 - Get people talking about your company without having to spend a dime on promotional efforts. Everything you need to know about PR is within, from what it is to creating buzz. This tool kit contains a CD with media contacts as well.
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3. Bulletproof News Releases

By Kay Borden, Franklin Sarrett Publishing, ISBN 0963747703 - Editors receive hundreds - sometimes thousands - of press releases every day. And with limited space within their publication, you want to make sure yours gets noticed. Bulletproof News Releases shows you how to write solid press releases, ones sure to get the editor's attention with newsworthy content.
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4. Publicity and Media Relations Checklists

By David R. Yale, Anne Knudsen (Editor), NTC Business Books, ISBN 0844232181 - If you're ready to dig into the meat of public relations, this is the book for you. Goal setting, creating publicity materials, newspaper, radio, television, working with the media and even legal/ethical issues are covered here.
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5. The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations & Integrated Communications

By Clarke L. Caywood (Editor), McGraw-Hill Companies, ISBN 0786311312 - Everything you need to know about the world of public relations is examined in 37 chapters. Individuals can explore career paths in PR while learning the tricks of the trade. Business owners can learn the fundamentals of PR, its role in numerous industries and creative PR.
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