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Find a job in public relations or learn how to handle the media better. No matter what your experience level, these public relations resources have you covered.
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Secrets of a Successful Online Press Room
Your online press room can be a leading source of news for journalists. These five tips share the secrets of a successful online press room.

Public Service Advertising - A Complete Definition of Public Service Advertising
If it's a charity, an important message about health or public safety, or anything else that raises awareness of an issue of importance to the general public, then it falls under the realm of Public Service Advertising. But how much do you really know about it?

Build a Content-Rich Media Newsroom
A company without a media newsroom is missing out on the power of free publicity. Find out what journalists are looking for in your media newsroom so they turn to you first.

10 Ways to Get Your Online Newsroom Live Today
If you haven't created an online newsroom for your company, you're missing out on free publicity. It doesn't matter what size your company is, you need an online newsroom. Create your online newsroom today in 10 easy steps.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Corporate Blog
You want to increase blog traffic but making your company blog popular takes more than just announcing you have a blog. Learn how to increase traffic and join the ranks of other popular corporate blogs.

Managing a Public Relations Campaign
Managing a public relations campaign takes a solid understanding of the fundamentals. See what it takes to manage your own PR campaign and develop a public relations strategy that gives your company free publicity.

Press Kits Components
What press kits components do you include when creating a media kit? See examples of press kits components and what each one can be used for to generate free media buzz for you or your company.

Five Reasons for Creating Press Kits
Get free media coverage by creating press kits. See sample press kits components and learn how to create press kits that will generate free buzz.

Recent Advertising Flops and Why They Failed
Even the ad pros make blunders. From claims of racism in ads to failed consumer-generated commercials, advertising flops can be more interesting than the actual ads themselves.

Using the Internet to Facilitate Your Market Research
Getting to know your audience and what you need to do to market your company to them has become much easier, thanks to the Internet. Find out how you can use the Internet to learn valuable information about your potential customers.

When It Comes To PR, Pay For Performance, Not Time
Is your PR machine getting you results based on performance or are you paying by time invested instead? Find out why you could be blowing your PR budget if you're paying by billable hour instead of on a performance basis.

Publicity Mistakes - Don't Sabotage Your Success
Don't sabotage your publicity success by making mistakes. Avoid these mistakes to handle your company's media coverage like a pro.

How to Make Sure the Media Never Covers Your Company Again
Run the media off so they won't give you free coverage. Be sure to make these mistakes when holding your press event.

The New Rules for Public Relations
The PR industry has changed over the years. Make public relations a part of your company's strategy with a new set of rules and new results.

Blogging as a PR Tool
Blogs can be an effective PR tool that gives you good word of mouth advertising and puts you directly in touch with your consumers. Learn from other successes and failures before you enter the blogosphere.

Advertising Vs. Public Relations
Looking to enter the world of public relations? Get ready to shatter some popular myths.

10 Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations
What's the difference between advertising and public relations? It's one of the most-asked questions people have about these two very different industries.

Organizing a Successful Media Event
Having the media show up at your event can give your company free exposure to a large audience. Organizing the event and handling the media once they get there can make or break your coverage. Avoid the common mistakes people make by using these tools to effectively deal with the media and establish a long-term relationship.

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