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Blogs as PR Tools


Previously, you read right here on About.com that not one Fortune 1000 CEO or chairman keeps a blog, also known as an online journal. Even with 8.5 million people blogging these days and a new blog started every seven seconds, there are PR and legal hoops to jump through before an upper level exec takes the plunge into posting his or her thoughts on the Internet.

But what about top execs that are getting in on the blogging craze? They're finding out that blogs can be a great PR tool. Yours can be too.

Make it Real
Don't try to fool the reader with a sales pitch or by disguising your blog as a press release or advertisement.

McDonald's felt the blow of a blog gone wrong when it launched a blog about a french fry in the shape of Abraham Lincoln. The blog started right before McDonald's aired its Super Bowl ad and the blog was exposed as part of the ad campaign.

Learning from Others
Take a look at some of the bloggers in the corporate world:

Look at how these blogs show a unique voice and view on the Internet. Take the time to read other corporate blogs and even the comments people leave to see how the blogosphere works.

Bloggers by the Numbers
Think people don't want to hear what a corporate hotshot has to say? Hundreds of thousands of visitors are reading corporate blogs every day.

GM's FastLane blog, penned by execs like Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, receives 150,000-200,000 visits a month.

Sun Microsystems was one of the first companies to enter the corporate blog trend. President Jonathan Schwartz maintains the blog and gets about 300,000 visits per month.

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