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10 Ways to Get Customers to Buy Now


You sent out the best direct mail piece you've ever seen. Your catalog belongs in the Smithsonian. Your brochure is so great you framed it and put it next to the pictures of your kids.

So why aren't you getting sales?

Take a look at your call to action. With any advertising materials, it's crucial that you get potential customers to act. Now!

Use the following techniques to create a call to action that will have your phones ringing off the hook and your profits reinventing your sales graphs:

Give a Deadline for Ordering
We've all received some sort of promotional material that has a deadline for ordering. The offer could end on that date.

Or you could use the deadline in conjunction with an upgrade or free gift. For example, order by the 15th and receive....

Also, try to make the cut off date in the same month as your materials will be received. That way, your potential customers know they only have a limited time to respond and they won't fall victim to the "I'll do it later" syndrome.

Advise of a Price Increase
People want to get in on a good deal. If your price is going up on a specific date, let your customers know. They'll want to buy before your product's price increases.

Establish a Trial/Introductory Period
Trial periods are a great way to get new customers. Offer a special deal, extra service or a lower price during your trial/introductory period.

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