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Super Bowl XXXV Fun Facts


These facts from Super Bowl XXXV show you just how much guacamole people eat on the big day, how many people call in sick the day after the Super Bowl, how many people watch the game alone and other fun facts.

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Part 4: Pepsi Faces NFL


Unsold Spots as of January 19 1
Total Game Time 60 Minutes
Total Commercial Time 30 Minutes
Las Vegas Point Spread AFC's Baltimore Ravens +3
Super Bowls Won By AFC (Since 1985) 2
New York's National Media Rank 1
Baltimore's National Media Rank 24
New York's Super Bowl Appearances 3
Guacomole Consumed on Super Bowl Sunday 8 Million Pounds
Chips Consumed on Super Bowl Sunday 14,500 Tons
Super Bowl Sunday's Heavy Food Consumption Rank 2
Increase in Antacid Sales Monday After Super Bowl 20 Percent
Average Number of People at a Super Bowl Party 17
People Who Watch Super Bowl Alone 5 Percent
People Who Call in Sick Monday After Super Bowl 6 Percent
Super Bowls in Top 10 Most-Watched TV Programs 9
Super Bowl XXXIV's Rank 5
Dot.Coms in Super Bowl XXXIV 17

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